A Level Product Design Challenge NEED HELP :)

Right so, I have been given the task of creating a prototype product using wood, metal and/or plastic (laser cut) to solve a problem in any area. I thought I might be able to create something which would solve a problem in the Esk8/Longboarding community but I’m stuck for ideas really… I have till the 26th of April to build it so not a huge rush but need to start thinking. I am allowed to re-create something which has been made if I make changes to it to make it better in any way.

Ideas I already have had:

Folding Longboard which would fit in a backpack or locker - Several companies have done this includingLinky (Folding Esk8) Some sort of metal bumper for longboard made from aluminium or steel which also acts as a riser pad (Too simple for this project but still thinking of making this to see if they work) Some sort of sling or strap to carry longboards - not 100% sure how I can make it complicated enough to take me a long amount of time to build and also how I can make it any different to any other products already out.

If anybody has any ideas of what I can make or has any problems that could be solved with a product, could you let me know?

Anything is appreciated :smiley: Thanks, Doug

I was recently thinking of building a longboard rack, for one or maybe even more, that would have a Bluetooth module and an arduino that would connect to an externally or internally mounted temperature sensor to the longboard battery enclosure and also connected in paralel to the charger. What that would allow is to connect your phone to the charger and monitor what is going on with your board without you being in the same room, the point is that me and I am sure many others charge their board In a garage. This way you would know when you can unplug it and maybe even implement some temperature cutoff of the charger just in case maybe an alarm for extreme cases


I like this idea :thinking: I’ll have a think on how I’d do it but it could be made so that it is expandable so if you get more boards, you can just add another layer to it

What if you designed a setup to allow you to easily swap batteries to extend the range of your board while keeping it lightweight.

I’d love to do that as it would be so useful but realistically, I’d need to use a 3D printer to create this which isnt allowed for this… Might still see what I can come up with though

Maybe you could heat and mold the plastic for some parts of it. I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while but haven’t had the time or resources.

NIce project !

If you were to look for a “foldable” skate solution, you should then solve the following issues encountered with current offers :

  • flex because there is none at the folding joint which might prove shit ride feel
  • strength because once you solve the axial flex, there’s also question of the side twisting forces, each part of the deck should be properly lined up and not deform more than a regular deck
  • lock because you don’t want the board to fold during your ride, only when you decide to fold it

Actually being able to offer a fold-lock mechanisme which can be adapted to any deck (choose your favorite and cut it in two halves) would be a killer. And it must look pretty haha

If you can solve all together the 3 issues you’ll have a reliable product for both your studies and future developments.

Go Forest !


They are some pretty good points, Thanks! On the folding front, this board seems like a pretty solid option and I can’t see much wrong with it. https://snapskateboard.com/ I havent had a ride but it looks solid as far as the hinge mechanism is. The thing with this is, is it actually beneficial for the board to fold into 3 parts or is it just as good for it to fold in half… Also, thoughts on having one hinge, the cut would have to be off centered because otherwise the trucks would collide when closed meaning it isn’t really any easier to move when folded. This kickstarter board has off set the cut to resolve it https://goboardup.com/

I think it is a good idea just need to sit on it for a while until I can come up with something which is almost a combination of the two…

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Metal abec11 and kegel-style pulleys that are 15mm wide with hub inserts are basically impossible to find. Both the kind with bearings and the bolt-on kind. But metal. I constantly wear out plastic ones

Metal ones aren’t impossible to find. 15mm wide ones aren’t impossible to find. But try to find a metal 15mm wide one…

I would consider making a handle that mounts to the front of the deck using the truck screws. Something about a foot tall with a shovel type grip on top. this way people can crouch down low and grab it at high speed for stability.

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Thats an interesting Idea, I have to say I feel like that would throw me off balance if I held onto it, I can give it a go though…

i was going to suggest a nice charging station for up to maybe four boards and chargers. Built in USB outlets for charging remotes too.

I’m going to do something like this soon for my personals.

edit: by that i mean a board rack with some kind of cable management and a shelf for just the chargers, perhaps in the middle.

Sadly, I dont really have the resources to create a set of metal 15mm pulleys as I dont have a CNC milling machine at my disposal, but would definatly give it a go if I did.

Thats the sort of idea I had in my mind since earlier. I think I’m going to start working on some basic designs for this to see where I get to. I feel like it needs to be quite modular though because people with only one board wouldn’t want to have 3 spare shelves and people with 7 boards wouldnt wan’t to have to keep swapping them over… This could work out pretty nicley though

I use laser cut steel footstop/nose guards… It’s kinda what you mentioned in OP. If it wasn’t drop through the one below would act as a riser… although small

Shaft drive to both wheels on one motor.

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This is what I was thinking. Like 2 foot stops with cross bar handles so you grab them if you need to, or just use them as footstops.

this was a quick fix to hold the wall charger for my boards