A Mini X Killer? ... New Evolve Mini GT

According to Jay Boston just a few hours ago…


lol more business for @longhairedboy . people at evolve have lost the plot with recycling the same shit


The boosted mini s has a price tag of quite literally half of what this thing costs. As insane as that statement is they will sell these like hot cakes to salavating evolve fanboys who will tout it as the ultimate commuter board.


“In this cornerrrr, fightinnnnggg! …with black trunks and Orange gloves, out of Mountain View, Californiaaaaaa…”

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Evolve means to me, insecurity and lack of quality by design. I ride a lot of different boards but I’m afraid to ride an Evolve. For the mini X, I bought one and so far it’s pretty dope if you get used to this motor noise which I totally forgot it was existing because of FOC


…so you improved their design. :facepunch: :yum:



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I’m not sure what Jay thinks he’s looking at (and he’s very tight with Evolve), yet that’s just an Evolve ONE with the GTX drivetrain, which defeats the purpose of the ONE being lightweight and is at the same price as the GTX.


I was thinking the same. I don’t know what the heck Jay saw in that image (seems like the Evolve One to me), but hey… what do I know?

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I actually prefer BLDC. Something about the whirrrrrrrr noise is just satisfying. FOC is a bit creepy

Literally says “ONE” on the grip. Picture is with dual motors (looks CGI) the Evolve one has one motor


this thread reminded me that i still need to stick arc board guts on a popsicle.


haha, you’re right but that was not the objective. I just wanted to give the opportunity to people that like their trucks carving feeling to explore new things with some 63mm motors on them.

cheers bro!

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What protective gear are you using?

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Fox Knee Pads : in case I need to slide because I didn’t manage to put my body in a good position to fall on my shoulders/elbow

Troy Lee Body Armor : here you are looking to protect your elbow & shoulder; that’s how I learnt to fall

TSG Crashpad : to protect your coccyx

It’s starting to get old as I wear this all year long and I really don’t take huge care of it. It saved me from some injuries after funny bails.

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1300 for a 5mile board with 15a dual motors, hell no


I’m good bro, I don’t like dying

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