A most extreme day

OK, it was not the fastest session however it was extreme!! Trying to stay on an iced up deck with a pair of vans on a real challenge.
IMG_0137 IMG_0138(1)IMG_0132IMG_0133(1)! Anyone else venture out in the Midwest??




You sir are very brave. It looked the same here (Ontario, Canada) and I did not venture outside at all!

This was snow sent down from Canada to Minneapolis, MN…well maybe not but you guys are suppose to be sending us El. Nino however with Trump he seems to be staying away. LOL…

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Lol! You can’t have our El Nino, our sled dogs need it to keep warm.

I thank you my Canadian friend we welcome all the help you can send South and if possible will repay with whatever can travel North. Keep warm with a Canadian…

Haha, sounds good. Hope it warms up soon!!!