A new approach to fit bigger wheels (5-6inch ones on 8mm axle)

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This is a short summary of the following post: http://dosimplecarbon.com/fitting-bigger-wheels/ Recently, with a lot of help from @Okami, I was thinking about new approach of mounting bigger wheels to esk8. How do you usually mount a 5-6" pneumatic wheel on a regular truck? The standard practice is to use some kind of extension on the axle. This approach increases the loads on the axle beyond the intended values, this is never a good thing. Now, what if we used mechanics and balanced these new loads? Look at the following diagram:

The picture is of a basic model that I used to do a preliminary stress analysis, but the results are very promising, consider these two pictures of stress distribution: The good thing is that you can adjust the offset as you like and the stresses will still be low and actually the truck will suffer much less! I intend to make the brackets from Aluminum, and for now I simply printed them to see the fit:

This approach still needs work and several topics to solve, but I think it has great potential.

Would like to hear your opinion on this.

Thank you.

Enjoy, Dani


How would you attach a motor mount? How would you overcome the loss in height without adding an inch of risers?

For now I think a bigger thing is to fix the ‘new axle’ in place on top of the old one…

Otherwise, im sure @danile will come a solution how to get the right height and add motor mount, after the initial details have been designed :slight_smile:

Don’t know about the motor mount yet, should be fairly simple fix. Regarding the height loss, I actually think it’s a positive thing. You will raise the board once you put in bigger wheels, this approach can maintain the original height, thus preserving the overall stability.

You are right, the main issue is how to fix it in rotation about the original axle. The retainer can be incorporated with the motor mount, can be interesting.

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