A Real Horseshit Story (non esk8 related)

This is Story about Water Tank Rental Company, you guys might like it so here I go.

Back in April 2017 I got this Letter that I own significant debt to company ‘A’ which is about $200. But because the world is full of scam and fact that it wasn’t bill I decided to Google it. And of course top search was “Company A Scam”

So, I threw it away and few days later I got a call from unknown number and I picked it up "Hello, is this Onepunchboard? I’m calling from company ‘A’ "

It turns out the company actually do business but they are door to door force selling kind of company. And It turns out the water tank in Tenant’s basement was contracted to them as of 2016 August, because tenant’s water tank was broken. Because Canada is Western Soviet, we have to call government body to replace such equipment unless u seek out what you want. There is more to it but that’s what my parents basically did without knowing the company ‘A’ and they went -sign me up!-

But the thing is we already paying water tank rental company ‘B’ … So I called B and said “How come I have account when I contracted with A” and they said, they acquired companies like ‘A’ because they are much larger company. they said they will take care of it. AND they also told me I’m not paying their bill. which is actually tenant’s bill

So I called tenant to what’s up and they were paying through government gas bill company, so gas+tank together. and I called B and told me they went separate way so now we have to pay separate bill. Which btw was not informed to both tenant and me. FML… I had to call both tenant and company B to figure out back and forth probably like 20 times for months

SOOO going back to Company A, on october of 2017 they sent me another bill, bigger now, but this time through company ‘C’ Company C is a accounting company for home utility like ac heater and water tank.

I talk to A again, said company B said they acquired A blah blah. But it turns out it was not. they were independent. WTF

I called B to send technician and found out what really happened.

1.Water tank is broken, I called gov and they sent a technician. this is Company A

  1. Previous water tank is owned by other company. I’d mark it as Company ‘F’

  2. ‘F’ was acquired by ‘B’ which is why bill is separated from gas company bill.

  3. A replaced tank and had to return F’s tank in order to end contract with me and form a new with ‘A’ since F does not exist they couldn’t figure out who to return therefore they kept it.

5.Double Billing

In the end ‘A’ returned tank to ‘B’ and B ended contract with me.

But there is more to it. whatever the reason, company ‘A’ chequed back about 580 Cad for me. they told me it is for double billing.

But I never payed Company ‘A’. But whatever.

I called Company ‘C’ the accounting company to pay A for overdue rental fee, but because Company B was also using C and because they cancelled our account we have no way to pay A back.

The 2 companies were sharing same account basically and one of them cancelled it, GREAT.

I called A about it and they just keep say “talk to C, they are our accounting company”

My record and contract is gone now and I own that water tank, never have to pay for it again.

Best part is that 580cad was sent to me accidentally, Company A want it back now but I already put it in to bank.

I wanted to give them back anyways, but because A is sketch I ask them a official statement or a bill for me to return. I called them 3 times sent 2 email for them to send me one but I haven got it anything back for a month.

I got a email, however “Please refund us the money that was sent to you by accident in the amount of $500.00” This is the entire message.

At this point, I seriously doubt if they want money back lol. or any of the money + tank.

Basically I payed nothing for the rental for past 2 yrs + free tank. my tenant paying me directly now for the rental fee because he has to pay by the contract.

I just had to share this stupid business, Cheers! :beers:

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This is a thing in Canada? I guess I’d prefer all that BS over only-rich-people-get-healthcare here in the USA


Dude it is serious problem in US. I watch documentary about it, US has laywer to fight hospital to not overcharge. hospital charge $200 for a shit hug toy for sick kids. It is just fuking wrong yo. some dies due to a dirt-cheep-to-make-pill because medicine company charge ridiculous money for it.

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You know there’s a problem when one of the most popular TV shows a couple years ago was about a school teacher who turns to manufacturing industrial quantities of meth to fund his hospital expenses.


fuk ya breaking bad my fav show!


but srsly, send help. Cheeto hitler and his cohort are fucking everything up even worse.