A remoteless board?

Ok, awesome idea here, what would it take to do the following?

I want to make a board that doesn’t use a remote, instead it just adds a tiny bit of boost anytime it senses acceleration.

The purpose is a board that acts mostly like a normal longboard for cruising around, but that would let you pump much further and with less effort. It wouldn’t take you over speeds you couldn’t get to under your own power, and it would only boost you if it felt you accelerating the board on your own.

I suppose it would accelerate anytime you used your foot on the ground to push, anytime you used carving to pump, or anytime you went downhill. :grimacing:

Maybe we could machine learning train it to recognize the acceleration patterns of pumping as distinct from hills/foot pushing/wind/etc, so that it only boosts you when pumping, which is the most fun anyway.


They have one


This is called “push assist” or “endless ride” and has been discussed at length many times. Each time, it seems some tiny implementation details always seem to make it less feasible or undesirable.

Not turning off during a footbrake comes to mind. Accelerating downhill comes to mind. Aceelerating after going over a speedbump comes to mind.

Mellow has commercially released some form of this, but it has a remote, so I guess it’s not this.


There’s a company that made a remoteless board. Pretty cool looking. Horrible for everything that mattered.


Ah yeah, was that ZBoard or something?

IDK but it sucked balls.


I can’t remember the name. You just kinda controlled it leaning like hoverboard controls. But opposite. Saw one for sale a while back for couple hundred. Should have got it.


Mellow did a decent job of this apparently but it was discussed a bunch in this thread.

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