A true DIY hero

The DIY eboard market has come a long way. A DIY build today is much easier than just a couple years ago. There are many parts available from various vendors, specific to eboards. Now DIY boards have become a recipe of bolt on parts. Which is why I want to showcase a build I came across.

A few days ago I met a young kid with a true DIY board. He had never heard of our forum or ES, and had no references to build his board from. He made most everything including his DIY carbon deck. He used a collar clamp to attach a motor mount, a chain link drivetrain, and a remote I’ve never seen. He screwed through his wheels to mount the wheel pulley. He’s running a single 6345 or 6355 motor and claims to have hit 32mph. I believe him since he probably weighed 120lbs. It was fun to geek out with another builder.

So props to Reed in Aspen, a true DIY hero: