A123 26650 mb1 boosted board like battery cells. 70A c, and 120a burst

I have 3 packs of 12pc a123 26650 cells, the same cells are used in boosted board. Is anyone interested into getting them for a good price. They have maby 50 cycles each. And that’s nothing compared to >2k

rating these batteries have. According to producer you could safely pull continuously 2500w only from on pack of 12s1p. (36Vx70A=2520W) and in short time periods up to 4320W. Edit: I never thought that my post would gain so much attention. It is true that I have been registered in this forum for a short time but I have been reading for a while. I come from Norway. I have two electric skateboards, one meepo and one that I have built myself with a vanguard flex 1 deck. Nothing fancy but is changing everyday. I have built an electric bike also but that is different story. Anyway many of you asked for pictures. So I thought to share some.

These battery packs have a balancer, charge and discharge regulator, and they are secured with a fuse of 15amps. When I did take them apart the wraps got damaged as you can see, since they are glued. But serial number is also engraved in the metal, and they have a barcode glued in also. I have wraps for them so I can rewrap if someone wishes for that. Price wise I’ll think a bit about it. But you can send a offer. The main reason I’m selling them is because Im using 2 packs myself, and the others are just standing there collecting dust. So I thought to give them a home :slight_smile: . I can get more of them i case I see people are interested. I think its sad when i recycle these batteries, thinking about the price and that they are in a perfect shape.

Best regards.

price? (10 char)

If you could add your location, good photos of each pack and pricing you would get good attention in the thread.

Best of luck.

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Ok I’m interested

I am interested if you send more details…How long ha ve they been used, pictures, price, location…

Interested indeed, but unless somebody else here can vouch for him the trust hurdle is going to be hard to overcome, especially when your first interaction with the forum is selling something.

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Price and pics? And it is kinda sketchy since you just joined

Guys the thread is updated. Someone did mention trust. It’s hard to convice you buy words. But I have been selling things on eBay from time to time and I have some reviews there if that is any assurance for you. :slight_smile: You could search for fatos.blakaj http://m.ebay.ie/sch/fatos.blakaj/m.html

Do you get decent run times off of these? Do you know the discharge rate? ☆☆☆Can you make me 2 10s2p packs☆☆☆.

Where are you from? They have true 2.5ah, almost doesn’t matter how fast you discharge. Continues discharge er 70A për cell. 120A short discharges. If you are thinking of making a pack 36v then you need 12cells. Nominal voltage of this cells is 3.3v. They are lifepo4. Annen chemistry (safe chemistry) and can withstand over 2000 discharges by not mising capacity. Boosted choose them for a good reason. I didn’t intend to build them in a pack before. I was more thinking of just selling them.

These cells were rated at 30A by Mooch. 70A is a gross exaggeration and would greatly decrease their life


A123 is one of the biggest producers of batteries in car industry. I wold still count on producers specification than moch. Now I’m not stating anything more or less than the producer itself. Boosted board has a 12s1p pack and 2000W motors. (2000W /36V=55A). I don’t think they would be taking any chances. They are well aware of other batteries, but they did stick with a123 for a reason. Mooch is a guy who likes to vape and play with batteries. Mooch has also rated Samsung 30q as 19A battery, and fooled people believing on that. So far that their pack did catch on fire. Mooch did test 2 Samsung batteries cells and suddenly he became smarter than Samsung itself that does test thousands of these cells daily. Just think a bit about it. Who else would win more than Samsung by rating 30q as 20A cells. Reason they don’t is because they are 15A cells :). Not 20 or 19 as stated by mooch. Not trying to be rude, but as a guy with two University degrees in electronics, and a master student, i wold suggest you to take the reviews of mooch with a grain of salt.

Look at line of 40A. It delivers on spot the rated 2.5ah at just 67`C. :thinking:, debunking himself. Now tell me about any Li-ion that does deliver it’s rated Ah, on high discharge Best regards Fatos Blakaj

I looove A123, but yeah mfg spec says:

Maximum discharge current -continuous (A)70A, with the caveat that the cells do NOT exceed their maximum operating temperature (+60°C)


When I read the fine print in mfg specs for any cell, the temperatures the cells reach duing max discharge is disconcertingly high. Must read the fine print!

fmalabs tested, and found the cells age if temps get north of 140F. They also conservatively rate the cells at 17C continuous (42.5A), 33C burst (82.5A) when rated as they would rate lipos.


Based on what I’ve seen, you can pull 70A continuous but you’d best have active cooling and monitor temperatures. A few seconds of high discharge here and there seems okay.

Gotta stay open minded and consider information from many sources, and test for yourself.

Anyway, back on topic, price? :slight_smile:

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Thanks @deucesdown, I’ll be checking the info you shared. I have written a email to postal service about shipping them, I’m waiting for a reply from them. I’ll update the first post with price when I have sorted that out. My main intention is to find someone that would make use of them :). But again I have to wait for shipping rules.

Mooch is a guy who uses a standardized testing protocol for nearly every battery on the market. It’s a single source that gives you a direct comparison of batteries tested under the same exact circumstances. Apples to apples. His ratings are based on heating of the cell under load. Manufacturers often inflate their specifications, or design their tests in such a way that leads to favorable results. I have a set of lipos that are rated by the manufacturer to 240A; do you think I believe that number for one second? In this case, the a123 cells reach 85°C under the 70A loading, which is terrible for battery life.

Bottom Line This is an extraordinary cell that I am rating at 30A. My maximum vaping amps (MVA) rating is 70A. The two cells I received from EnerCig and the two from Nkon appear to have come from the same batch.

The datasheet has a “maximum continuous discharge” rating of 70A in the datasheet. But at that temperature, about 85°C, the cell will have a significantly reduced cycle life. This rating is an absolute maximum, not a level you should operate the battery at for every cycle. To allow direct comparison against other batteries I am rating this cell at a level, 30A continuous, which limits the temperature to 60°C to ensure good cycle life. Above this temperature the cell’s aging accelerates significantly. The cell can easily be pulsed at levels above 80A though.

Source: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/a123-anr26650m1-b-2400mah-3-3v-26650-bench-test-results-an-extraordinary-battery-with-issues.770987/

Another source, that also puts them at 30A continuous:


Ref: lygte-info.dk This battery is rated for 2500mAh (in A123 datasheet) and will deliver it, even at a 30A load, but the voltage is lower than the normal LiCoO2 batteries. Read it again please. There is no rating of 30amps for these cells being made . Just a statement that even at 30A(~25C) they deliver the rated capacity. Contrary to other cells that bearly deliver rated capacity at 0.2C

Meaning that they are totally safe at 70A. Yes a123 cells like all other lithium, lead, nihm, and whatever other rechargeable batteries are out there, losse capacity faster when you do torture them to their limits. But my point is, you can use them at that rate. Will you get 10k cycles out of them:) probably not.

The main rating that mooch give is for vapping, he rates the battery in a way that if for some problem on the e-cigarette it locks fully on, the battery will no exploded or enter on thermal runaway

Shipping to the usa will probably be expensive

Hello guys. Today I had a meeting with a shipping company (Shencker), through my work. They were invited to train us about the UN regulations for shipping of dangerous goods. Since we ship different devices with different battery packs and also some other chemicals and radioactive materials time after time. After talking with them about shipping of the batteries I found out that it would be too much of a hassle, and it would cost a lot for transport. Sadly I have to cancel the sale of the batteries unless you are from Norway and could/would fix shipping by yourself. The state postal service has not even bothered to reply to my question still and I’m afraid that I know the answer also.

Once more I’m really sorry for that. Best regards Fatos Blakaj

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