AA *To be Renamed* Board Elite

No, no Dexter torque boards but my own looking for constructive criticism on the board and website. But please don’t murder me :wink:


[quote=“Alextech, post:1, topic:14966, full:true”] No, no Dexter torque boards but my own looking for constructive criticism on the board and website. But please don’t murder me :wink:



Website layout is good, but generally speaking from a business & marketing point of view it would be better to have a unique name.

Also legally if another business has a trademark on something, say for example “torqueboards” they can actually force you to change your product name which can result in losses of hundreds/thousands of dollars that may have been spent on brochures & website design etc.

The best idea is to create something unique from the start. Your best bet is to make up a word so there is little chance of trademark infringement.

Good Luck

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As onloop said, the name should be changed. A lot of confusion will ensue between your boards and Dexters which can be bad for the both of you. For example, someone buys something from you and then starts to bug Dexter with questions about stuff about things that wasn’t sold from him. Or the other way around.

Also, your website has a lot of spelling mistakes which makes it look unprofessional. For example “electric long board”, “more unique then”, “Toruqe board”. You should get new product pictures as well. It’s really hard to make out the details from the ones present on your site and there should be pictures of motors, batteries, remote etc.

I really hope you take this as constructive criticism and not an attempt to bash you. Good look with your business and keep on doing your thing!


To me, when a small (and most probably family) company advertises with “a team of about 15 talented Individuals from business owners, investors, and product reviewers”, it makes them look bad. No way you have that many full time employees and your son or brother do not count as product reviewers.

It is supposed to sound good but in fact has the opposite effect.

Also you do realize we notice that you are using the cheap chinese Jacob Hub clones. You basically bought these sets for 350USD: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Powerful-twin-drive-MP83mm-hub-motor_60492593536.html and added an enclosure with battery.

Product itself is kind of lame. Lookalike everyday diy build and there isn’t anything unique.

Definitely change the name otherwise it is misleading as is using the same name. its really not that hard to create an original name.

Yeah, When i was making and planning the board, I like the idea of the torque board and looked up patent and it was available.That and Dexter yet had his completes up. You Make a great point about people Bugging Dexter about the product & how such a close similarity can harm the both of us, so ill change mine since im much smaller in scale and i can. On product pictures, I will get some new ones :smiley: I do need the criticism and along with @onloop was saying ill go about a new name to save me and Dexter any further problems. Thank you for correcting my grammar, seems like the more you look at something the less you see errors!

@Tuomalar Actually im going to side with you a little here. To Us this seems more run of the mill than anything more. Yet when you show this to someone who has not seen the DIY Scene it Seems more unique then anything, what one of my investors told me is to know your market, The DIY Scene is just not in my reach due to so many great people who just do it better like diyelectric or enertion. But i am working on making it more unique to one day appeal to you and probally more form readers. Till now im just not there yet.

@Maxid Actually it is a Team! Not my Family, sure they play a part in this of course, but i actually do have the help from about 14 outside sources, My local county had a Miniature Shark Tank and as a result i got a Sum of Capital to kick start AA Torque Systems,planning to change the name now* But with this i was able to obtain 4 investor, which lead to me to meet local Skateboarding shops, hence business owners, and when what seemed like redesigning the wheel, i started to solve Jacobs Problem of Slipping Urethane, Max I think you have a set of those clones right? I never really wanted to give them a shot and decided to find people who could actually help me with that. Blah blah 4 months later! i have this team which each has been helping get even being close to where i am. Sure not all the way up there now but getting there hopefully. Your right i dont have them full time, or even part time, but they do help me and we work like a team. Regardless i can also see where you justify seeing it looking bad, so i will change it with something more appealing? if you have any recommendation id love to hear them! But thank you for the criticism!


Don’t assume your customers are idiots - that’s never a good idea. The people that will buy a board are not the ones who told you “woah that is cool” when they see your board for the first time. They will do research before shelling out 1000USD and they will then find the other, bigger brands like boosted, evolve and now enertion or DIY. With that knowledge why should they buy from you? What is your USP? That is the question you should be asking yourself. What can you deliver that nobody else can or does? You could build the stealthiest, the longest range or the most powerful board. Otherwise you are just selling a service of buying in china and assembling the parts so that others don’t have to.

@Alextech I’d strongly suggest you remove the “torque board” branding from your site. There is already an established vendor using that name, as @onloop pointed out. I’m surprised, given that you seem to already know about DIYelectricskateboards, that you would think it is permissible to take their branding and use it for yourself.

That was not the case, I was not trying to take away DIY branding, and this has been in the works for a while, when Dex had very little affiliation with TORQUE BOARD with what seems like according to dates, at the time the patent was free and still is now via Quick Search But yes i will remove Torque board and related to relive from further issues :slight_smile: If knew about DIY at that time chances are i wouldnt have come up with TORQUE BOARD for a product name. Ill get to changing the name in the coming hours.

@Maxid Your Right, i need to do a better Job of conveying what we can do, and what sets us apart, I will work on projecting what sets us apart from the bigger companies. Thank you, and Thank you to all by the way.


“Taking the push out of life” vs “life’s too short to push”

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Is this a troll?

Im Keeping that one, I came up with it on the spot during the miniture shark tank :smiley: I think its funny how Enertion and i is similar.

No, I’m just young and just trying to better myself hence why I come here, you guys are cut throat, But it’s not without good reason. Plus there is people who have done this longer then I have, so im here to better myself.


I respect your enthusiasm. You have the right attitude that’s for sure.

Just work on your product and if you have any questions hit me up


@barajabali Hey that means alot to me! id love to shoot you a question or two in a day or so, Thank you So much!

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The website shows a page of wix.com saying it is not connected yet :o

Yeah, I’ve taken it down to fix the above issues. :smiley:

Oh okey :slight_smile:

@Alextech I think it’s great that you’re making an effort to start something up, and that you’re open to criticism and feedback.

On that note, you really shouldn’t use this by-line because it mimics Enertion’s. It doesn’t matter if you came up with it ‘on your own’ (which I believe, not accusing you of lying). It is similar enough that it sounds like you’ve plagiarized Enertion. That’s the perception your audience will have, and it makes you appear untrustworthy. You’d do yourself a favor to recreate your brand with material that doesn’t so closely replicate your competitors.