ABEC 107mm Belt Size?

Hey guys I just bought/received some ABEC 107’s and I need to know what size belts I’ll need? I current use 15mm/265mm and they work fine for 97mm but definitely aren’t long enough for the 107’s. I have 16/36 gearing. Torque Board’s says they recommend 40T. I want to stick with what I have atm, wouldn’t it work fine? I’d get more torque I think with my current setup?

The wheel size won’t affect the belt length unless it physically hits the motor pulley.

However if you increase the pulley to 40T you might need a 275-15-5M belt instead of 265-5M-15 and it’s possible you may need a 280-5M-15 belt

Depends if your motor as adjusted currently is near the max end of its adjustability or if it’s closer to the tight end of its adjustablity with the 16/36 and 265mm belt.

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Belt lengths are determined by pullys not wheels. Going from 97 to 107 will increase top speed and decrease acceleration. Going from 36t to 40t wheel pullys will increase acceleration and decrease top speed.

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Hey so I haven’t put on the 107’s yet. But looking at the current clearance with my 16/36 setup and the 265mm belt I’m pretty sure it won’t fit…

Got any photographs?

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Why? :man_shrugging:

I’ve gone from 90mm to 97mm to 107mm all with the same belts.

Oh my current setup?

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Yes. Theres no reason your belts shouldnt fit.


No pics of the view out your front window…


Sorry I realized that was a dumb question lol.

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Changing your wheels only takes minutes. Why don’t you give it a try.

To be fair, some folks use their board for transportation and if it’s their ride to work, they can’t just take it apart any time they want to :wink:

If something were to break then they’d be in a bind

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Yeah you’re talking to one of them… I ride my board to work everyday and I can easily change the belts and wheels on my board on a 5 minute break.

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here again:



I would but I can’t fit the pulleys on yet because they are the screw on type and I don’t have a drill atm. I guess I can do them by hand but it’s going to take a while. I’m actually waiting for some MetroBoard Press fit pulleys, should be here in a couple days. Anyway here’s a pic atm. 20190101_183819

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Does that motor pulley stick out further than the wheel edge?

A drill? I always do mine by hand.


Using a drill is worse in my opinion because you can’t feel the forces as well and you can’t tell when things are going awry and it’s more difficult to match tightness

Because it looks like you’ll have to move your motors further back so wheels clear motor pullys you might need different belts.

A picture from above would help

Don’t use a drill. You’ll over compress your wheels.

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