ABEC 11 107mm (EU) **WANTED**

I’m after a set of these in either green or black (Evolve) I’m not fussed but they need to be new or in real good condition please?

I can get them from the states for around £120 and from Evolve direct for £140 so looking for a decent improvement on that price please, otherwise I’ll just buy new.

Cheers :+1:

Jesuschrist! Just googled them… 179€ new :smiley:

Yeah big money, they were on sale here for Black Friday at about €130 iirc which is kicking, hope they do it again https://holyboardshop.com/abec11-superflys-107mm

Yep! Not cheap huh? :confused:

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I saw a while back someone selling evolve I think 97mm good condition for 80 asking price on a site where its normal to talk down 25% or more, forgot the Keyword to find it :joy:

Thanks but only after 107’s…


Here you go.

Edit; sorry didn’t read properly. These aren’t cheap.

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We talked about them earlier this thread. Too expensive, he’s looking for a cheaper or used solution :wink:

I have them in stock in the UK https://street-wing.com/product/abec11-107mm-superflys/

If you don’t have any joy finding 2nd hand drop me a PM and I will give you a coupon to bring them in under the cost of Evolve’s


Oh cheers mate :+1:

What sort of reduction are we talking? :wink:

You wanna pm me or FB messenger :+1:

pm me here pls :slight_smile:

Maybe @e.board_solutions can help you

Holy smokes! Not for 185eur!! :grimacing:


I will do z pre order for superfly’s :slight_smile:

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For the forum guys :heart_eyes:



That is a really great deal and super low markup, my commendations Sir

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I hope I will not regret it haha :wink:

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Hi e.board_solutions !

Can we get informations on this “New Black Superfly”, please ? Duro, size and the rest is known and can be seen on the pictures but I can’t find any other website mentioning this Superfly (even on the ABEC 11 website) so is this a limited edition or you’re just really well informed on this new product ?

I’m really interested anyway but need to chose between black and green now ! :wink:


It’s new released tomorrow, directly from the ABEC11 factory :slight_smile:

I only have the pictures and delivery date :slight_smile:

Oh wow, the black ones have green cores :heart_eyes: