Abec 11 107mm help

Need help finding abec 11 107 mm, an if anyone would provide a pic of how you mounted them to the trucks, (tipe of trucks and motor mount)

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any motor mount/truck should fit 107 abecs, given you have enough board clearance.


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I emailed them weeks ago asking for those 107 abecs and still havent heard from them ima try calling

I think the crux on these is the pulley wheel insert. Since the wheels are so wide people usually cut/sand then down

search the forum for 107 and you will find threads covering this

I have them mounted on Caliber II with enertion mounts and psychotiller mounts

I tried this awhile back, they are no longer responsive or in business. They would not take paypal payment, and the phone goes to a voicemail server that you can leave messages but not responded to so not useful

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Yes, you are right, there are threads on 3d printed wheel pulleys that are necessary and there is a thread on cutting wheels back 7-9mm to the bevel. The problem is the width of wheel, with centerset core bearings, is too wide for most truck hangers and threaded axels. I have also used them on psychotiller wide trucks ($25/set) and dart tracker 219mm trucks.

I guess ill worry about trucks later first i need the actual wheels i remeber @chaka saying he was gonna sell them, but didnt see anything in their website

I seem to find the wheels do come up from time to time. Stores don’t seem to stock to many sets at one time. One store told me he had a set that sat unsold for months. I’m currently working on my second build with these wheels. My first build I’ve used Torqueboard 15mm wheel pulley and motor mount. Unfortunately, he doesn’t sell either of them any more. Because of the off set of the wheel, the mount has to move inward quite a bit. For the wheel pulley I had a spacer made up so that the pulley sat flush with the wheel.

For my second build, I ended up using trucks from Psychotiller and a custom motor mount. The mount is similar to TB newest mount. I needed something custom to mount the 8072 motor. Also a wheel spacer has to be made up. Either way there is really no pulley or motor mount that will work without some mods. I’m sure you are aware that there are printable wheels pulleys that you can get made.


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I got your 107 needs covered!

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Thank you for all the time you took to make these pulley i seen them before and always wondered where i can have them printed locally and whats the best material to made them off??? I know using these monster wheels will present some challenges but im up for them, still need to find the wheels tho, @chaka do you have these yet?

Did you have to grind some of the truck off on the red motor build???

Actually those are @psychotiller trucks that I used as well, very wide and $25/pair deal. The interesting thing about that second build is the custom motor mount and motor pulley it appears. @cdn can you tell us anything more about that, as looks awesome and would like to replicate along with the wheel spacers.

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I can get them within a few weeks if you have trouble sourcing them.

Everything had to be custom made to make use of these wheels. The motor mount is identical in design with TB mount, other than its size being larger. The larger mount was needed for the larger motor. The mount is made from 7075 grade aluminum. It was made the DIY way using a Dremel, drill, belt sander, tap and die set. Both the wheel pulley and motor pulley were sourced from Ebay. The wheel pulley did have to be modified in order for it to work. The motor pulley needed no mods. Pulley ratio 40:24.

There was some modification done to the trucks to make the mount work. The little triangle portion on the truck had to be removed. The mounts open portion where it clamps around the truck sits on part of the truck casting that allows for it to not rotate when clamped down. Hope that makes sense.

I’m really curious to see how this larger motor works out. Its rated at 4200W. Visually I think this motor pairs well with the Abec 107’s. This motor is so much more beefier than anything everybody is currently using.

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Tracker Dart 219 and Potatoes93s Pulleys, enought room for 2 R-Specs (not finished yet)

Enertion Motor Mount don’t fit these trucks but I’ll do it anyway

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@E-Boarding Nice pulley/wheel color combo! Have you had a chance to test these out or still in the process of building.

Does any one offers printing service here?

Not sure where you are, but Eugene an esk8’er in NYC is co-founder of this print shop also reachable on 3DHub but better pricing dealing direct.

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Are you able to get the pink 107mm ABEC 11s, I can not seem to source them anywhere now that they are not part of the 2016 ABEC offerings. Only found a used set on ebay that were pretty bad shape.