Abec 11 90mm vs 97mm

Ok so I have a couple questions, where can I get my hands on the 90mm abec 11’s?

Does anyone know if evolves 97’s are just as good. I’ve been running 90 and 97 abec clones and the ride is way to rough. I need to add some butter to my rides!!!

Research… (echo)

I have some really good 90mm wheels that have great reviews. You can find them here:

And the thread with some reviews is here:

Any reviewers? Isn’t Abec 11 releasing some new stuff this fall.

Yep I linked the thread with reviews (you can click on the box and it will take you to a seperate thread). I’m not sure the timeline on the new release for abec.

I heard 6 weeks until the new superfly 107mm? @ChrisChaput is the guy to ask. I am just wearing in a brand spanking set of 97mm Abec 11s and they are certainly buttering my ride very nicely.

If that’s the case I’ll hold off on everything

Have a read through this. This is where my info came from.

If you want butter - you want the softest largest wheels you can fit.

Deck shape and wheel clearance is usually the biggest limit/issue (wheelbite sucks).

I’m a huge fan of the 75a 97mm legit flywheels. I have clones too, and they work great for the price, but for the best/softest/butteriest ride you can’t beat legit flywheels. Regardless of what the clones claim - they are not as soft as the same duro flywheel.

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I second that. I’ve had mine for a while and they are still the nicest wheels i’ve ever ridden on.

You can get 97m abec 11 from twelve look it up.Jamie is the guy to chat to and a good bloke also good luck

From where? What is twelve?