Abec 11 97mm chipping

Ok so I have had my Abec 97’ss for about 7 months and put around 200 miles on them. One of the wheels is starting to crack and chipped on the outside. Is that common? How long are abec 11’s supposed to last

Abecs should last til your core them.

So is this a bad batch? Should I contact Abec or evolve since I bought them from there? Or is this common?

Depends, did you run over something sharp? The evolve wheels are known to chip

do you have some pictures?

They are so massive, just ride it… I get chips cracks chunks etc just keep riding


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I don’t recall. I usually only ride in smooth streets both this happened on a golf course path

If those are 75a then they are pretty soft and aren’t gonna be able to handle sharp rocks without some damage. It’s the price we pay for a smoother ride.

I would guess that the wheels are not defective. They are what they are, soft wheels.