Abec 11 vs Trampa Gummies

Hi all,

I’m trying to decide which wheels to go with for a new build, and I want to get an idea of the new Gummies are worth it or not. Without shipping cost factored in, they look to be about the same price ish.

Has anybody ridden on both ABEC 11 107s and the new 125mm Gummies?

How do the two compare, is one significantly better than the other?

Do the Gummies help with sidewalk cracks comparable in size to the Mariana Trench?

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I have 107s… Had ordered gummies but production took too long. It’s about may and I don’t think gummies have shipped yet.

Anyway, 107s are 115-170$… while gummies and the hubs, and a gear will cost you over $300 for a set if you don’t already own hubs.


I’m with Decky, the 107s are amazing and in this case, relatively cheap. Can the poly on the gummies be changed/replaced?


Yea just order new rings… But it might take several months… Lol

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A set of 100mm mbs wheels runs right under 70$ and mine have held up quite well… I’ve logged about 80ish miles so far and barely any wear… 1st pic is front wheels 2nd is rear… I’m about to rotate them all around

Thanks for all the input. I guess I was thinking the price for the hubs included the gummies as well. It looks like I’ll be sticking with 107s in that case.

I’ve tried the MBS wheels and they’re too hard for some of the roads I ride on, they get too bumpy. I might get a set just to have them at some point though.

We need pulleys for Venom Magnums. Don’t think anything matches their extreme level of traction.

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what are MBS wheels like on the street?

Got the gummies yesterday(Got the second last set on this round) . They were surprisingly softer than I expected.

Really wanted to buy red gummies, but no go and no idea when reds will come in…

I would bet on Gummies being smoother on rougher surfaces than SuperFly.