Abec electric flywheels 107mm

Hi I got my hands on a set of electric flywheels ( a bit dusty) and won’t be using it so I’m selling it 140$+shipping from Canada


What is the contact patch?

No idea man they’re electric flywheels haha

I think there were two versions that were different widths is why I was asking

There’s 58mm and 62mm versions of the electric flywheel I believe, don’t know which one I got :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have digital calipers?

That’s a negative

Ruler? 10 char

I do have a ruler haha

Why is it so important to know what size the contact patch is anyways? it’s a 4mm difference

Some of us already have one version, but not the other. Also I like them specifically because of the wide contact patch


Those are the 62 mm contact patch! 95% sure (look at the recessed core well) Take a side picture, @Pr0dy … if they are 62 mm I may consider buying…

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Update : they’re 62mm contact patch @pixelsilva


Up not sold yet

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Do you have wheel pulleys for them as well?

How much do you want for the set ?

No pulleys price in topic…

If no one else makes an offer I can do 100 plus shipping for the used wheels

They might be used, but I guarantee this is the only set for sale on the whole planet