Abec / Orangatang Kegel wheel pulleys from 29T to 44T - Evolve GT/GTX compatible

I think damning a sales thread with subjective experience trumps that but hey you don’t think PETG is a good material for pulleys and that’s fine for you. I’ve printed pulleys in PETG and they did not fall apart and that’s fine for me

Let’s beg to differ and see if this thread fills up with ‘mine broke’, I haven’t inspected them but it would appear he knows what he’s doing and has tested Nylon and decided against it

@Szatyi, I go a special job for you. I need pulleys for these babies …

ABEC 11 (Pink)107mm Electric Flywheel 62CP




@pixelsilva Hi, if they have the same core as the green flywheels, then i have :smiley:


Yes, but you need to adjust the sprockets lenght, because this Electric Flywheels are 11mm wider than the Superflies. Take a look at this superimposed image of the old Electric Flywheel (my wheel, with dull color) against the 107mm Superfly and 97mm Refly which share the same core, but in which you can clearly see how ABEC shaved 11mm out of the inner face of the 107mm Electric Flywheel to create the 107mm Superfly…


…therefore, if you create a wheel pulley for this wheel, you need to consider enlarging the sprockets 11mm more than the actual wheel pulleys you sell for Superflies now, so the pulley could be use effectively with the Electric Flywheel.

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I think i can make it, but i cannot guarantee the perfect fit . And the price will be litle higher .

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I don’t mind the price increment as long as you can make the pulley to size. The sprockets should be the same thickness, just 11mm longer than you usually made them and making sure the pulleys inner ring grabs the hubs urethane conical inner face.

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I will make a modell . I will write PM .

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Last day for Black Friday 30% OFF !!! :grinning::grinning:

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Some black Friday orders :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: 20181128_141910


I’m really digging the orange pulleys. I think they’ll look pretty sweet on 80A Caguamas.


Got the gears today.

The black/grey gears came out looking sweet on popoca’s and e-caliber 2’s. IMG_20181217_201450775

Don’t have a set of bearings for the caguama’s yet. But man they look awesome. IMG_20181217_202202852 IMG_20181217_202005553


My V2.0 (with bolts and nuts) for Abec Flywheels is done !

Specs: -with 26mm bore - Compatible with 99% of the skate trucks (paris style, caliber…) -retainer ring with 4 holes X1 -bolts and nuts to fix the pulley on the wheel X4 -available from 33T to 44T and 12-23mm width


  • from 33T to 39T : 10 Euro / 1 pulley / 12-17mm width
  • from 40T to 44T : 11Euro / 1 pulley / 12-17mm width
  • bolts and nuts: 1.5 Euro / set

or the Ebay link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132937664768

20190201_144211 20190201_144245 20190201_150415 20190201_144149


The biggest pulleys i have made… 46T! :smiley:


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I would like to buy the wheel pulley V2.0 44T , would you let me know how to work out the order please…

Writed on PM.

Just wanted to leave a quick reply. Szatyi makes really great pulleys! They are sturdy and really well-made. I fired loads of questions at him, and he could answer every single one of them. He made them quick and kept me up to date.

Felt like he deserved this review :slight_smile:. Good luck with the rest and will definitely recommend you for future orders.

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Thanks! Have a good time riding your board! :wink:

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@Szatyi Hello there I’m new to all of the diy so i have a question

Would you be able to do a 29T pulley that can fit the ego 2 wheel or motor?


Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Unforunately, i dont have pulleys that fits the ego2 wheels :frowning:

New member. Where can I buy these? Need a 40T set for my Evolve GTX with the 97mm evolve wheels