Abec11 107mm vs MBS AT 100mm

So I have a board with 97mm eskating.eu clones and MBS AT 100mm. Although these clones are supposed to be a lot better than most, the MBS seem to provide a much smoother ride so I started thinking about 107mm Abec11 superflys Is there a considerable difference between these two to justify the expense? I would have to also get new motor and wheel pulleys and belts so we are talking approx 290€ to make the switch so if I am to even consider it the 107s have to be really worth it.

are you serious… my AT’s are so rough… but its all i have to ride lol.

if i am on fresh poured concrete (now that they are broken in…) they are smooth, but brand new to mildly new the ride wasnt that great.

i would assume the superfly’s would be smoother just because they are uniform and more surface area/contact area on the ground. However i havent owned any yet so thats just speculation

On smooth tarmac the clones feel smoother but this is to be expected considering they do not have the knobby surface of the MBS. However when the tarmac is not that good my teeth fillings are about to fall off compared to the MBS.

my mbs ride smooth now that i have worn 1 layer of knobs away, however i am switching to pnumatics now lol


In my experience I feel like Abec 107s are the next best thing to pneumatics…they offer a very smooth ride & handles rough roads really well…


Abec 107s are very smooth. They are only contested by the roughest of paths like rocky dirt and cobblestones.

I’ve seen folks shave down their MBS 100s flat for a smoother ride. I have not tried them myself.

Pneumatics are like clouds over almost everything.

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Thanks. Is there someone who has ridden both on the same board so can provide a good comparison?

On flat it appear the 107 is the winner, but if your local place shares SF’s reef like roads, the MBS is the choice… but I think all this is about to change now with the advent of the new 100mm Boa wheels. They are big as both MBS or ABEC, but unlike those, Boas are super bouncy, have superior urethane formula and don’t chunk. Test riders for Boa like @b264 can give you better testimony about Boa quality.

Boa Wheels



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The mbs (or off road enertion) have neb pretty good for 50 miles. They were squirrely for a bit, but after 20 miles (the first layer of knobs) they’re pretty solid, AND that little chat/gravel is no problem. My 90s slipped a bit at the hint of sand.

The mbs don’t chunk either… mine even have pebbles embedded in them haha

If your board has all components really tight and you have no vibrations or rattling on motors, motor mounts, pullies, battey, electronics then the MBS feels smooth and you will get use to them, you will even feel them really soft. Samething happens on Flywheels but they will be 10-15% tops more comfortable.

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Which pneumatic are you going with ? I’m having trouble on the pulley part for the wheels.

mbs is a gimmick at best

terrible contact patch so it can get very slippery on roads if you go over an oil slick or some wet road…

if you wanna get MBS might as well get actual pneumatics.

otherwise go 107’s.

ask most MBS users and they’d tell ya they prefer the MBS once they’re worn down flat because the ride is more harsher when it’s new.

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The tread on the MBS is of no interest to me. I have a lathe so I can easily shave them if required. If it helps some of you the question could also be phrased: Do 107mm Abec11s provide a considerably better ride compared to MBS 100mm AT (shaved or not)? Take into consideration that I already have the MBS and would need to spend around 280€ to switch to ABEC 107s.

So I’ve been thinking of pulling the trigger on a set of the Boa wheels 100mm but they have a duro of 83a which to me seems pretty hard vs the superfly/refly abecs 74a can any Boa/ abec user give a comparison on these two (real world use)…



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For posterity: Here’s a visual size comparison I always searched for, but never quite found until I had both of these wheels in hand.


Hi! I was wondering to buy the 97mm 73A clones from eskating. Do they feel soft like should be? I hvae now 90mm popoca wheel 78a and you can rally squeeze them with the firger, not possible on the flywheel clone from Aliexpress ecc… SO I was wondering whether these 97 clones are better since they are 73A. If they are any good and you do not want it anymore I could take it from you. Thx!

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They feel soft however my MBS give a smoother ride, not by much though. I keep going back and forth between them but most of the days I am on the MBS. In my mind this means that there is not enough difference to clearly tell which one I like best. I have ordered Psychotiller Six Shooters along with Surf Rodz Trucks and mounts so I will l be selling lots of other stuff including the eskating clones and the MBS wheels. If you want the clones I can sell them to you. Can you give me your location so I can come up with a price including shipping?

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