ABEC11 and Clone Wheel Pulleys and Motor Pulleys! Please!

LIke the title says. I am looking for motor and wheel pulleys. Whatcha got!? I’d be willing to go in on a group buy as well if anyone has any leads. Thanks guys! :thumbsup:


That link doesn’t seem to work. Could you repost, please! Thanks! :wink:

i sell them http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/pulleys-belts.html

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Thanks for replying! Those pulleys actually look pretty nice! I really like that there is a bearing installed. The only thing keeping me from popping on it right now is the shipping cost to the US! (+/-$18US) I’ll have to give it some more thought. I’d have to buy more than a couple of pulleys to make it worth the extra cost. Are these compatible with other parts or would I need to get Enertion trucks? Would modifications be necessary? I already purchased several sets of Caliber2s and Buck 42° 195mm to experiment with. Thanks!


These came with a pully

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@2-alex-2 You’d need to shave or cut off part of your trucks. Those are similar to Enertion’s newest pulleys. They require a longer axle than standard 34mm longboard axles.

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Yea that’s correct but I’m using a different pully one mine but I’m sure you could mod them a little to not need to use a bearing and just open the hole up more.


theses are what i run i got them from luckystore930.

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@2-alex-2 Unfortunately, I’m in the US and I can’t seem to get them to even be added to my cart. Thanks for the posting, but I have to keep looking. I’m specifically looking for something that can be used for multiple trucks and wheel combinations. I want to dig in and experiment. I find it a bit unsettling that there is not more of a selection already out there. Anyone…Got some pulleys? Last call for pulleys…Don’t be shy! I got plenty of $$$ and I want it to turn into stuff. Take my money and give me stuff…I’m waiting…pretty fucking sick of waiting at this point…:wink: These little buggers are like Pokemon and you know I’m going to catch em’ all. :smiling_imp: I’d prefer them to be sourced from US manufacturers, but obviously China cranks out a lot of these and are hounding me to buy. Thanks guys, I know someone out there can hook me up! Here’s what I want new or used: Aluminum or better wheel pulleys… 36t HTD5 9mm 36t HTD5 12mm 36t HTD5 and/or HTD3 15mm 44t HTD5 12mm 44t HTD5 and/or HTD3 15mm 44t HTD5 and/or HTD3 18mm Steel or better motor pulleys w/keyway: 12t,13t,14t, 15t,16t (HTD5 or HTD3)

@Ulfberht - I know your probably still mad at me :cry:

Hope you forgive me :slight_smile: I take it to heart when I can’t deliver immediately and I am working on these issues so we remain in stock 100%.

We do have most items in stock which you are mentioning and have new stock coming in hopefully within the week.

I have 36T 9mm/12mm and in about 10-15 days we should have 40T. 13T,16T for 12mm and 12T,14T,16T for 9mm. All motor pulleys are steel are in stock.

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@torqueboards No Dude! I’m not mad at you. :wink::grin: I just couldn’t handle the “next week” thing anymore. I wasn’t sure that I was ever going to start seeing parts. I was just super disappointed. I tried to be patient, but It just got to be such a long wait. So I opted out. Maybe a little bit abruptly, but I never told you to fuck off or anything like that. And I didn’t start any “Torqueboards Sucks” threads on here or Endless Sphere. When people ask me where to go in the US for drive parts, I send em’ your way. (In fact I did that earlier today.) I’m thinking I should have just waited a little bit longer, because it turns out that last time you told me, “One more week…” it ACTUALLY was!! :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed: Honestly, bro…I really like you. We had some good chats and I like who you are. You are a good dude, and I just lost sight of that. You are a person that has a million interests kind of like me. Plus. I grew up in San Jose and you are out of San Francisco. Bay Area people, yo! :sunglasses: PM me!! Cut me a deal and I’ll come back, baby…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:JK Your mounts and drive parts are pretty sick.

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You might not of been able to as it was uk site sorry here is a .com link


If you drill the Center of the pully it’s completely compatible with 90% of trucks you find.

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FYI: Is going to have some 12mm wide, 40T wheel pulleys for ABEC style 90mm wheels!