About a vacuum pump, my future deck and other

Hi, I plan on making my own flexy bamboo deck…(because O dont like the shape of vanguard) The problem is, that i need a vacuum pump for a vacuum bagging process… After some research I havent found any good and afordable in Europe (used), so my first question is do you know any nice place, where I could get one? I have read thomas vacuum pumps are good, but I havent found any in Europe so far, only US :frowning:

But I have found this:

The owner dosnt know if it can be used for vacuum, he has never used it (inherited) it is a pump for sure…from what I have found it needs oil…and also these specs: type: RV15/11 No (probably number?):12258 220V (voltage probably) 305VA (probably max volts in alternating current) 50Hz (frequency) 1480/min another frequency?! IDK what is this, if it is number of rotations, which would not make sense 1.2 Amps (not sure about this one, the numbers on the motor plate from other photo are not good quality)

Can you tell from these specs if it can be used as vacuum pump? if not is there some way to find it out?

I’m not sure if you can use that but if you just have an old vaccum cleaner laying around I don’t see any reason why you can’t use that.

Would it produce enough power to connect the fibreglass with bamboo correctly?

I don’t see why not, but you could consult @whitepony for verification, he has done it before.

IT looks like a vacuum pump - not sure how much vacuum it will pull, and i see an oil sightglass, so it might “fog” when it gets hot (if you pull constant vacuum for a while).

Better pics would help, but considering you can do this with an organizer/vacuum bag (for blankets and such), and your household vacuum = it’s really just a matter of testing and then doing it.

I’ve done several CF/GF projects with and without vacuum. without vacuum is totally doable, with a bit of weights/pressure for simple shapes it’s very easy.

I’m building a vacuum control system for on/off control of the vacuum pump to keep above a set (measured) level of vacuum - fiddly but will be a fun project.

If you are simply adding a layer of CF/GF to a deck - you don’t absolutely need vacuum. It’ll be a bit heavier, but it’s totally achievable.

If you are making layers and pressing your own deck - you’ll want vacuum. I might also suggest the Roarocket “kit” for making decks which they even use a hand vacuum pump!


The hand pump is something I have already discussed on global chat…so using hand vacuum pump would be ok? Or does it include only the roarockit one, because it is premium one as they claim? Would I get enough pressure with a hand pump?

let’s get to brass tacks…

A - Are you adding a layer to an existing board?

B - Or are you pressing your own board fully from layers?

:smiley: :smiley: B, from layers I plan on using this: (from top to the bottom)

3mm bamboo 3mm bamboo 3mmbamboo triaxial fibrglass -45/0/45 (300gsm, i will ad layers till i will reach desired flex)

I have also considered adding a layer of fibrglass on the top of the deck, but I am afraid of delamination… Once I reach the desired flex I might also add cork venner on the bottom of the deck for some vibration damping…

Gotcha. I’d suggest sandwiching layers of GF/CF inbetween some of the bamboo, and adding CF/GF to the top - if you prep it correctly it should not delam.

Have you looked at a venturi vacuum pump? Do you have a compressor? It take pressurized air and makes vacuum - pretty sweet little setup and a lot faster than hand pump.

@sl33py can it give out reasonable vacuum? I dont have any compressor and mini compressor for 10$ is probably not enough :confused:

A few options - first i might get a hand pump as backup. Depending on cost.

Second - check SPECS of the pump - how many inches of hg will it hold? I can guess it’ll work, but… it’s a guess.

And the best pump with crappy sealing will struggle - so i’d practice on some scrap to get a good seal and make sure it holds vacuum well. Listen for the high pitch whistle of leak and get good at finding/fixing.

Venturi and other slower pumps should still work fine if you use a slow epoxy that gives you time to get them under pressure (downside is you’ll need to maintain vacuum longer until set).

And some DIY venturi goodness if you are feeling handy:

Do you actually have the pump pictured? If so - hook it up to a square piece of sealed plywood and TEST IT! Most of the time they will pull 25-29" hg, but can be slow… Same w/ a hand pump - you can reach good pressure (with good seals), but it’ll take a while! Again - if seals are good = no problem. Bad seals = you’re screwed and wasted $ epoxy. Test and get it sorted before you use expensive materials would be my suggestion. The sealing tape is cheap compared to the other materials. And if you oversize the bag, you can cut one edge and resize smaller w/o a ton of lost material.


That is a good vacuum pump. I use similar one at work, If it has been unused for a long time you should exchange the oil before use.


Are you sure? Do you have one from the Czechoslovakia?

Well no, I’m pretty sure it’s not made there. But it is a vacuum pump.

Another question from me… Is this a good vacuum pump? It is thomas pump and the have quite good reputaion from what I read… http://www.ebay.com/itm/332157289955?rmvSB=true

The problem is it is 115V, but we have 230V in Czech Republic…is there some cheap way to get over it?

And it is 60Hz when we have 50Hz…obviously impossible…

Perhaps take a look at the venturi DIY again, or one of the options from here: http://www.veneersupplies.com/products/Vac-Pro-Venturi-Vacuum-Generator.html#

[quote]The Vac Pro™ venturi device converts air pressure from your air compressor into vacuum. These venturi devices create .8 to 9 CFM of vacuum flow and produce up to 25.5" of Hg of pressure using only 80 PSI of compressed air. Since there are no moving parts, this is a great vacuum source - reliable, efficient and surprisingly quiet.pg-venturi-warranty.gif

This is the venturi unit used in Project: V2 vacuum press systems.

Powerful design creates up to 25.5" of Hg pressure at sea level
No moving parts make this a very reliable vacuum source
Air feed port uses convenient 1/4" NPT fittings
Black anodized aluminum body for exceptional durability
Requires only 80 PSI but will operate with up to 105 PSI
Scientific design permits foreign particles to pass through the system without clogging
Straight-through silencer included for maximum evacuation speed
Lifetime warranty


If you have a decent compressor, or can borrow one, a venturi might be perfect for you.

Otherwise i’d look on local sites for a used vacuum pump, or ebay for one that’s intended for your voltage.


Yeah, tahts exactly what I tried…the problem is, that I am from Europe and the ebay’s pumps are really sweet, but they are 60Hz/115V and we have 230V/50HZ…thats why I cant buy one :confused: Do you know about some nice european webside, where I could buy used one? Ebay is more specialized on US market…

Ok, I’ve checked the venturi vacuum generator…is this one okay? It is more affordable for me due to shipping…http://www.ebay.com/itm/193585-Festo-Vakuumsaugduse-VN-14-L-T4-PI4-VI5-RI5-vacuum-generator-neu-new-/332256203036?hash=item4d5c03511c:g:oQsAAOSwawpXqxE~

Is 1 bar enough pressure for good vacuum?

What if I made a vaccum pump from old refrigeration vacuum pump? Is it difficult?

You could get one from ebay.de

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