About Bms .battery

Hi all . I build a 12S 4P… 30q battery… but i dont know what bms to use .what do you think about this bms ??? B.IMG_20190307_171657 IMG_20190307_171718 IMG_20190307_171753 IMG_20190307_171818

Youre building a 12s battery and that’s a 13s bms. Any reason for that choice?

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I’d pick a 12s with more amps. 35a is fine for a legal ebike but for esk8 you better aim for 60a+

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Do you plan to bypass? Imo that bms is too big to bypass and too weak to solder -p

I thought it was good for esk

Where i can find a good bms .you know a site ??

I understand .

batterybest, bestech and take a look at unikboards and eskate.eu :slight_smile:

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how about this ??

Yes :wink:

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