About Lipo battery enclosure types

Hey all and dear Lipo users.

There is something I think I missed on my way of building and using an electric skateboard. The enclosure idea. I can see all DIY people are sealing everything together in a non serviceable enclosures. How do you charge them?

Currently I am using an electrical project box that six screws need to be opened in order to charge the batteries.

Im riding on a simple Santa cruz 30’ cruiser deck, everything is mounted on the bottom.

I am looking for a better solution. Or a habit changes, or an enclosure that has a firm latch that won’t break during rides. Thought of a Pelican 1170, it’s amazing, but 96mm height, which leaves me with 20mm ground clearance. Of course I can use it with higher risers, but I’ll stand too high from the ground.

Please provide me some assistance, so I can go back to my mental healthy normal life :pray:t3::pray:t3: