About the battery

hi all what do you think about this battery

what do you think ??? beter then cell ??

Oh wow here we go.

Short answer: NO

Pouches expand, not good for a flexible board. Also it’s aliexpress so I can almost guarantee you it is crap. I would never ever ever buy a battery from aliexpress. The battery is the component you absolutely can not skimp on


I think it’s white.

It’s a no buy battery.

I can get a 12 pack of these delivered to the UK for 99£ (less than postage of a normal battery!)

I doubt the lifespan would be great but value wise I can see the appeal!

how bad could these really be?




ouch! yours?


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What survived?

Probably metal survived… enclosure gone, deck gone, gummies gone, bushings gone, cells gone, vesc gone, bms gone, phase wires gone, charging port gone, power button gone, cabling gones, Bloothooth module gone …

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Motors, motor mounts and 95% of my flat survived


ok so the cells are better thank you all

ok , thank you man

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Did u have same chinese cells or what? Didnt know u had such incident with lipo in first place

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No it wasn’t cheap Chinese cells. Just wanted to show what can happen if your battery fail on you.