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Step 1: PLEASE MAKE YOUR BUILD THREAD TITLE DESCRIPTIVE many new build threads tend to end up with a name such as “new- noob - noobie - beginner - first - build - help - newb” this becomes hard to keep track of.

So for the benefit of the community each build thread should have a descriptive title, such as; Project Name | Deck Name | Trucks | Motor type | Mounting method | Voltage/Battery | ESC

Example The Samurai | Custom Deck | Paris Trucks | R-SPEC motors | Custom Mount | 10S | VESC

This will allow your thread to be found when people search common terms, such as “VESC” or “R-SPEC”

Step 2: TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS Include lots of photos from various angles. Make sure there is good lighting! A picture tells a thousand words.


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Just spitballing here, but as my searches continue for wheels in the 5 - 6 inch range I realized that the offering are few and far between. Enertion has some nice pneumatics, but the blue color clashes with my theme. Mountain or all-terrain board pneumatics are not at all visually appealing for the most part. There are a good number of very attractive aluminum wheels available in the RC world for “Crawlers” but the rubber on them is filled with foam rather than air. And the design is something hey refer to as “beadlock”. Has anyone tried to mold urathane to these with success? I’ve searched huh and low for tires and tubes for these to try and accomplish a shrader valve conversion to the wheel but no luck so far. I suspect the rubber they use for the crawlers would not withstand the friction an eboard would place in them even if you could fill them with air. Too bad the two businesses couldn’t get together and collaborate on something for our use.


I believe the above wheels are FG 1:6 scale monster truck wheels. Something like 4" diameter and 4.5" width.

This is not being enforced lately. Every eboard build must have this style of title.

Hi ! I would like to know how to post a message because I would like to know how does I’m suppose to calculate or to know my internal gear ratio! Thanks.


TarzanHBK Dec '16 there are a few people here soldering without a spotwelder. You´ll need a high wattage soldering station above 80W to solder as quick as possible. Also there is this method:

OllinBoards - Cell Level Fuse E-Board Electronics Continuing the discussion from Balancing/Equilibrium Board vs BMS. Whats the difference?: This is how we are currently assembling our packs. This is just a basic mockup, we also apply a strip of fish paper over the brass strips before sealing the packs in heat-shrink for added electrical insulation. Nickel tabs are spot welded to the li-ion cells and the fuse wires are soldered onto the the tabs allowing for a serviceable connection. I’ll post more photos with greater detail while we complete … 1 Like

laikiux Dec '16 I know how to wire everything. The big question is: Can I set up Vesc with the 10s batt for the first time? (Enertion 4.12 Vesc)

TarzanHBK Dec '16 mmaner: Here ya go… There you´ll find everything you need. If you have any specific questions and can´t find them anywhere just ask :slight_smile:

laikiux Dec '16 Some people say that I will be fine, some say that I need to set up it with low wattage power supply. maybe you have suggestion?

TarzanHBK Dec '16 normally there shouldn´t be a problem, because they already did the first setup for you. Some people get one without it. If you wanna go 100% sure, use a low voltage solution like in this thread:

VESC FAQ | When to use low voltage - VESC Configuration I have actually been rethinking this. If your VESC is questionable you can use a pair of 9v alkaline cells in series and you will be much safer. [image]

Bryantmorris101101 Dec '16 I been searching around for a switch and came across the angel light.so I look up forms for it and really couldn’t find angrything​:disappointed_relieved: but anyway I want to use it on my set up like the picture . The set up have is is 4*35c 14.8v two are connected in parallel then connect in sieres

Screenshot_20161228-050610.png1080x1920 642 KB

TarzanHBK 30d I think if you´re talking about an “Angel light” you like to have a LED switch? Something like this: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/4


MauiRipper 1m I’m starting my first esk8 build and I’m thinking of the following components.

Ollin vesc/heat sink Diy motor mount Torque boards 6374 190kv 10s battery Diy 16/32 pulleys 255mm 12mm wide belt Gt2b remote Caliber2 trucks 184mm 10in 83mm flywheels Bustin modela 33" deck IMAX b6 charger

No hills in Myrtle beach where I’m currently living any feed back would be appreciated

I have a vision for a first build and need help figuring this out:

  1. Custom cut wood decks, more along the lines of a large street board. Exotic wood just because!

  2. Clear grip, in order to lay solar panels underneath.

  3. Hub motors with semi-off road wheels, best bearings on earth. (What would those be anyways?)

  4. Pure titanium trucks for weight.

Anyone know of where I should start?

atb raid board building



Just got my new in hub motors from Winboard. They are ridiculously fast and have an incredible amount of torque! I’ve had to practice just to be able to handle the acceleration! The braking is far upgraded to! It’ll take me a little while to get comfortable with this advancement in power.

Where can I post a thread I did a wowgo 2s video build with VESC’s and want to post it here.

Where did you get your motor mounts from?

And do you know any other motor mounts that will fit the Raid ATB Boards?

Hopefully someone can help me out with my 1st build! I have a 245kv aerodrive motor, 10s lipo, using hk sk8 esc/vesc, 12t motor pulley 40t wheel pulley with 83mm wheels! Ran like a dream, truck loads of power and more than enough torque to get me up hills! I’ve just swapped the wheels over for 110mm rough stuff wheels and a 36t wheel pulley and the toque has all but gone! :frowning: seriously struggles up hill now! I made the newbie mistake of glueing on the 12t motor pulley(aerodrive motor has cylindrical shaft) what can I do to get the torque back?IMG_7646

Attempting to build the most affordable,efficient, and well built board for high school project! Advice needed from the start. If anyone has any ideas as to where to start please reply! Thank yo so much!

It’s a good idea to make a thread in the builds section so as you go along you can post updates and questions related to your build.

Spend some time reading other peoples build threads to get some ideas on the level of work involved. Also the pinned threads helped me a lot, and if you can’t find something the search function works great.

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@Saturn_Corp is right. Read a ton and start a build thread explaining your goals. Pick a budget. After enough research, you will find a few builds that you will want to model your build from.

It is important to start a build thread for something like this early. It is a great place to put updates and questions to your particular project.

However, don’t forget about that search bar. 99% of any issues you will run into are already solved or discussed somewhere on the forum, you just have to dig.

Honestly, get at least 12hrs of SOLID research on here before you start making big plans/purchases. Many people had 24-50 hrs on the forum before even making any plans. I know I did.

Best of luck!

Project wowgo upgrade! |Stock wowgo | Paris v2 | Wowgo hub motors |6.4 Panasonic(I think)| Stock ESC

So I have been looking a lot into upgrading my wowgo2s. It is a great eskate but I want something with a bit more torque and hill climbing ability. I am going to be doing this all in little pieces. I was looking at getting a focbox unity right now and later switch to a belt drive system. Any thoughts? Would the focbox unity work with my stock set up and remote?

AWD, Dual Motor Concept I’ve been playing with this design to simplify AWD with just two motors and one dual VESC. There’s no differential but the intended use is on dirt. Turning will create a twist to the belt connected to the motor but it’s minimal and I believe will be within the allowable tension limits for the 5M belts. Before I start spending and prototyping - has this already been done? Are there other considerations to be considered? Thanks for your input.

anyone on the goldcoast want to finish my board for me. Will Pay