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This is where you may discuss any part of the electric skateboard that moves without power running through it.

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I have a question, I have an e-go longboard I bought second hand and its brilliant how ever the wheels are hard as anything, and its difficult to get replacements, can I use a smaller wheel when the original wheel is 90mm, will the pulley fit an 87mm wheel or will I just have to use 90mm ones? Cheers, Phil.

Hello, i just brought trampa infinity board with hypa wheels. I received 4 o rings. Where should i put them? As i understood i need to put them between spacer and bearing but then i should have 3 for one wheel. It should go on the axle: spacer, o ring, bearing, o ring, spacer, o ring, bearing,
Im right?

I have a question about wheel pulleys. I purchased a kegel pulley from https://buildkitboards.com/collections/pulleys/products/modular-pulley-set# and the fit isn’t very tight in the kegel core which causes it to easily fall out and wobble when the wheel is spinning. I tried using heat shrink on the “pegs” for the pulley but the wobble is still there. Has anyone else experienced this? Also does anyone have a link to where I can buy other kegel pulleys with 32 teeth? Thanks!

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