About the get my first Trampa: MOUNTAINBOARD or URBAN CRUISER?

Hey there guys and galls!

Up until now I’ve been doing mostly this

and on various urban terrain within the city: bike routes, roads, pavements, lawns, mild off-road paths, rarely forest and some more serious up/downhill proper bumpy off-road.

And now im about to get my first Trampa and am between two minds whether to get a MOUNTAINBOARD or URBANCRUISER setup…

There’s also the question of carbon ply-count: I’m a solid 70kg and haven’t gone anywhere with this weight for ages now. Height is 173cm. I also have a permanent ankle injury and my knees tend to ache under to much vibration-stress. The plan is also to make a flexible segmented roadside enclosure, smth like @whitepony 's or @Kaly style, which will prbbly stiffen the deck slightly… I’m guessing 14ply would be okay (after @whitepony here: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/trampa-street-urban-carver-whatcha-think-yay-or-nay/17067/82). But that’s a guess since I’ve got no previous experience and no place to try it out prior to purchase?

Thanks in advance and please relegate me to a similar thread if this has been already discussed, I failed to find any tho, hence I’m writing this.

i find 14ply just about right for street carving, felt a little stiff at first, even with enclosure … but after I tuned the truck springs, Im happy with that now (my weight is 82kg).

also had a 15ply mountain board and it couldnt have been thinner for rought terrain, because you use the flex to jump higher and it can easily bottom out on landings … which you probably dont want with a roadside mounted enclosure!

so in the end its about what you want to do with the board. carving? 14ply! rough terrain? 15ply+


So I do know urban cruiser is the way to go. I’ll do a mountainboard later to do some more serioius trails.

Thanks to @whitepony for the answer. But I’m still not sure about it since I’m exactly 10kg less than you, and so would I still bottom out on a jump of a kerb?

So the question of ply-count sorta remains… Could you please have a say, too, @trampa ? I’d love you’re expertise on that as well: da raw data on meself: weight: 72/73kg height: 173cm riding style: various urban terrain within the city: bike routes, roads, pavements, lawns, mild off-road paths, WITH jumps on/off the pavement kerb, (since in Poland noone seems to have came up with the idea of not putting large, edgy kerbs on bike route crossings :confused: )

I know that I need bindings for the jumps, but - taking into consideration my weight and height - what ply count would I need not to bottom out with my roadside enclosure on one of them kerb-jumps?

15 Ply mate! 14 would be slightly to flexy I guess. Bindings can be mounted, so its a mini MTB. You could also mount the wider hangers and put some 8"ers on later.


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Its like Lego!

That sure seems to be an apt comparison I gotta admit, bro :wink: I’m compiling my order in a PM to you as I write this, btw :wink:

Drop the stuff into the shopping basket! That is best for us.

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Will do :slight_smile: Thx :slight_smile:

Student of germen studies. Wir können Deutsch reden!

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Ha! Wunderbar! Vielen Dank! :smiley: Aber mein Deutsch ist noch viel schlechter als mein Englisch und ich will das Board so schnell wie möglich kaufen und mit meinem Deutsch wäre es viel schwieriger :wink:

Dein Deutsch ist doch super!


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