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About the Used Items For Sale category

Sell your used & unwanted E-boards parts. Open to all users

I hope this section gets up and going. There’s bound to be tons of good stuff going around. It’s about time to establish resale value on parts anyway!


can’t post anything for sale how do i do it?

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Tramp board for sale electric spur drive

For sale trampa spur gear drive 16ply helical gears holypro board

For sale trampa electric monster ox board holypro 16ply helical gears full board magic wand controller

got a link to a moderately used landwheel l3x with a few extras including an extra battery, 2 sets of new/newish wheels, and a spare polycarbonate shell. possibly will have a spare motor in a few days as well. Everything in great working condition. Ebay link can be provided.

Looking for PNL plates. 47/23.