About to drill holes in my deck: please advise

Battery: 10S3p Motor wires on deck: Litz Wire 2160x0.071 mm - Dimension 6,3 x 3,4 mm + Thermo-shrinkable tube (AWG is overkill but I have them for free)

Downhill custom Deck: Maple Plys: 8 Formica Layer Top and Bottom T-3 Concave

I’d like to hide the cables on deck as many here have already done. Does the picture make any sense? In particular I’m worried about the holes being to close to each other. Any advice?

@longhairedboy I Think he could help you with that since he does that sort of stuff

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I wouldnt drill all the holes just make a chanel for the wires to run down and then drill like 2 holes so you can poke the wires through.

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Interesting, so one hole for two motor cables and one for the third motor cable + sensor cable? Why so? Less bigger holes are better than many holes even if they are smaller?

No I would do one hole for phase wires and sensor for each motor then put some epoxy over the cables. This is basically what longhairedboy does however he uses extension cables through the channel look on his instagram it will really help you with understanding


Hi guys, I need an advice. I worked a bit on my build and made this:

Final result on the upper side is this:

I’m worried about the hot glue covering the bare phase wire (tried to heat-shrink tube the solder joints but the result was too bulky). I’ve read some people here cover the joints with kapton. What do you think? Do I have to remove the hot glue and add kapton? If yes how can I remove it without doing a mess? Please advise.

That will be fine, I highly doubt anything could go wrong

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why using hot glue?

take urethane, way better.

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If you need to do this alcohol should make hot glue just pop off

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thank you @pat.speed and @deucesdown. I really like the mood of this forum: there’s always somebody who is willing to help

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