About to pull trigger, is the Raptor worth it?

I’m on the brink of pulling the trigger on a board.

I’ve been weighing up options of building, having one built or buying. With the release of new boards recently, I think I’m going to buy a production board to start and hopefully build one along the way. Which brings me to my next problem. I’m really liking the Evolve GT. Versatile, good range, good power. The biggest thing for me in looking around has been finding that Evolve has a pretty decent rap. They have a decent history behind them. I lost interest pretty quickly in the Boosted Board due to a very vague ‘upgrade’ v2.

Enertion Raptor was the next option. However the board is pretty limited in my opinion. However for me, the biggest thing that turned me off Enertion has been his attitude I’ve found in posts and videos. Honestly, I understand this forum is run by Enertion, however I don’t think that makes it OK to be hypocritical. After following some VLOGS and watching his latest, I’m very turned off Enertion. He attacks larger companies for over charging for products which they can supposedly build for half the cost, yet he is trying to provide a product in the same market, at a higher cost. He is saying pre-built/production boards are pushing people to DIY, yet he claims to have the “best” board available??? A board which can’t even be tested as a complete unit prior to sale as the battery is DROP SHIPPED to the customer separate to the board? Attacking the GT saying it’s not the most versatile board? He offers his board as one set up and that’s how it is… I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like spending over 2g for a board that isn’t tested as a unit, aggression from the builder when people don’t agree with him and criticism of other companies when he’s doing the same thing. There’s claims for the raptor saying it’s the leader, and I’ve been searching for video tests and all and found nothing? I even asked for videos and no response. It makes me wonder if the Raptor is really worth it if there’s no evidence and he is bagging out other companies.

I know this seems aggressive and I apologise, but it’s frustrating trying weigh up options when everyone is claiming something, but with little to nothing to back it up. It’s a big call to claim quality when there’s no proof behind it. Additionally with a seemingly scared response when a competitor comes along. If the Raptor is worth the consideration as people say, then I want to see.


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I searched “enertion raptor test” and found this… It’s a comparison of the boosted board dual plus vs the enertion raptor mono drive. Evolve’s new board is looking to be a monster imo. I would say go the DIY route, you will learn a lot and get more bang for your buck.

and nobody will claim anything that may be not true But the video is from Jason himself, so it may be manipulated…

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@flatsp0t true, would like to see an independent review. I am sure someone posted one a while ago, can’t remember where though…

I’ve seen that. But looking for raptor dual. Can’t find any tests on the claimed figures

Found one! Here it is.

isn’t it a bit of a philosophical question too?

  • With the raptor you quite know what you get, even the ESC / VESC is opensource
  • With the evolve GT you for sure will get a awesome board too (when you got it, please take it apart and let us know whats inside)


I’ll give my thoughts.

First some background. I used to street skate in my middle school days. In the last few years I picked up longboarding again. My first electric board was a boosted dual plus, and I was quickly bored with it. The speed is meh, specially after you have bombed some hills on a longboard. The max continuous speed of 20mph feels like nothing. The range was horrible and that was the main reason I decided to look at other options. The customer service, smoothness, and acceleration curves were great though.

I sold my boosted and ordered the enertion raptor based on the specs and after doing a lot of back and forth with enertion/Jason and many other members on the forum. There is a serious lack of customer review videos, so it was scary to drop nearly $2k USD but I trusted the forum members here and I am putting my faith in Jason from Enertion to deliver. I informed enertion that as soon as I get mine I will make an unboxing video, do a quick test ride. Then I’ll update and do a detailed review after a week or two of riding. It will be a quality video, not like a cell phone or gopro video. I am planning on doing objective tests such as speed, range, hill climbing etc as well as give my subjective opinion on the feel of the board, build quality, reliability etc etc.

I ordered at the beginning of April, and when I ordered the shipping estimate stated “next batch will be shipped late April”. Enertion confirmed I would get my board in 30 days, which later got changed to 30-60 days, and I am sill waiting for any signs of a board shipping. Apparently there is a wait for a VESCs, which are just now being delivered so I’m hoping I will get mine by end of June per most recent info by enertion. So best case scenario I would get my board 3 months after ordering.

My honest advice to you would be just to wait until all the customers who have ordered in February get their boards. Those should be in the midst of shipping I hope. There will be a lot more video reviews coming soon. I know I will do one, but it may be overshadowed by others who get their boards before me and do video reviews.

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This is my other concerns. Supply has been so inconsistent as well as parts sourcing. I was reading a page the other day where people were still waiting from February?? And we’re just about in June. Each batch he seems to be getting different parts? Is there consistency between batches?

Doesn’t seem like there is consistency, that’s just how it is. I think per Enertion in a few months things will smooth out and the raptor will be delivered as soon as it is ordered.

You can get the evolve GT if you just want a board by a big company that looks awesome, has the performance, and is more versatile. Again delivery times for those are still to be determined. Based on pure specs the raptor is still better performance wise.

Then there is the DIY route. This is the most rewarding as you can get exactly what you want, but it will be a hassle and a lot of trial and error. Do this only if you enjoy building these boards.

If you want an almost complete board that is insane, @chaka from Ollinboards sells a deck with a complete electronics package. http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/product/dual-esc-integrated-power-system-longboard-deck This looks like a beast, you would just have to buy wheels, bearings, motors, trucks, and motor mounts.

AND last but not least, there is one other secret place where you can get a killer board from. If you prefer a custom wood deck with the same enertion motors as the raptor… @longhairedboy builds some sick stuff. Check out his build threads, specially that black metal scarlet 12s monster he is making for some lucky dude! If you want more info about longhairedboy boards, PM me and I’ll give you all the details. http://longhairedboy.com/longboards/

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I’ll be posting when my raptor ships here.

You can watch that thread to see what the status of everyone’s orders is.

No consistency isn’t how it is. Or at least shouldn’t be. It basically means a review on a board from batch 2, could be completely redundant for a board from batch 3

You expect a bit much from a small company. This is not Apple selling millions of units but a dude in his garage. Every single raptor will be different because it is hand made and not on a production line by robots. Also you are complaining that a raptor would take long to ship but forget that with an evolve it is not like they send one out immediately after you order. It will also take months if you order now.

These are not products you just go and buy in a store (yet) as soon as you decide you want one. Problem is that people (me included) are so used to having everything delivered the next day once you decide to buy something, that we forget how small companies have to work. The raptor seems like a good product and you know all the parts that are included and can order them separately if something breaks - evolve you basically have to buy a new one or rely on their customer service if anything goes wrong.

Your call… just don’t be unfair to small companies that are not Apple, Amazon or Samsung.

Well hopefully each board will have components that are manufactured better…so inconsistent yes, but if it’s improving then why not.

Not trying to be unfair mate. Quite the opposite. He’s an Australian business. I support Australian. So is Evolve.

You say evolve don’t ship out the next day? Talk to their customers (I have). I understand presale is different to a standard sale, but you go in to that knowing. I know enertion is small business and I’m all about promoting small business. But when someone bags out companies selling complete boards, then does the same for more $$ that’s when I question them.

I come from bikes and rarely order anything online. I’m used to speaking one on one with small one off shop owners, who generally do what they can. And I’ve never once been sworn at

Same for a raptor - you know it is going to take long - he is just not calling it a presale.

3 months and waiting g for some people is a bit of a wait

Ever tried to order a car? The Tesla Model 3 will deliver in 2018 if you order now.

Custom built things take time - we are just not used to it anymore because we basically can get everything we want shipped across the globe in 24h. But that only works with mass produced goods. This is not. Instead you should enjoy knowing that you will be part of a small circle of raptor riders…

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Comparing it to a Tesla is a big step. You’re missing my point. Set times are one thing. But from what I’m reading are most people wait unknowing of build or delivery status? No communication etc. Further these aren’t special order vehicles. They’re (apparently) built all the same. I understand he builds them to order and stock can run out. But continuous supply issues/changes and delivery changes is my concern. I get it’s not mass produced and there can be individualities. However batch to batch having different components??

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If you ask you surely can get old crappy parts instead of cool upgrades and further developed stuff…