ABS or fiberglass enclosure

Can anybody make fiberglass or ABS enclosure for my widened hummie deck?

Cutout is 190mm wide

excluding @psychotiller sadly IMG_20190410_184503

@bigben maybe you can build a wider enclosure?

Get a psychotiller enclouser cut it down the middle, widden it and skin it in CF


get some plywood, get some foamboard, shave your own mould, coat it in duct tape, and make your own :grin:

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That seems like it can hold up a 13s10p

I don’t have a oven big enough

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you don’t need an oven to fibreglass

Whats the complete dimension of it width, length, and aproximent height

I’ve tried and failed horribly

0.9 inches high that’s what I need

So basically all I need is @bigben DS enclosure but wider

What about length?

About 23 inches

@Sender what you think? Https://psychotiller.com/collections/enclosures/products/lorimer-burst

Get this

Cut it in half

Use ABS or KYDEX sheet and 2 part epoxy it to the right width

Carbon Fiber skin it

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That’s jank and I want a nice looking enclosure

Even though @Sender gonna have to do the work anyways

I dont think it would look that Jank

With the right Attention it would look amazing

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Oh and I perfer if it had a rear cable cover like @bigben enclosure

Your killing me smalls :rofl:


I mean most enclosures have them


Yeah, you could make one?

Whats your price range?

Around 75-100

Lol. Wants custom one off enclosure at product price. Funny guy.

If you’re mounting to the enclosure abs won’t cut it. You need fiberglass or carbon fiber.