Abs over current fault while full throttle, 8s, directfet VESC

Hi there! Here is my first post about my board. I have been browsing the forum for 3 years. Now I’ve decided to create an account, cause I cannot find answer to my problem. Recently I’ve finished build of my mountain like longboard (well… some Polish roads are terrible :wink: ). This is my second attempt - first one was almost the same (one year ago), but with smaller wheels.

TL;DR: ABS OVER CURRENT error at full throttle, asymmetrical power cables from batteries - is that a problem?

Long story: Yesterday I made a test drive. I was slowly spinning up longboard and when I was at full throttle, the engine stopped (and I fell off the skateboard). It happened only once, since I was afraid of falling again :worried: I had something around 24 kmph (15mph).

I connected the VESC to the computer and in the terminal I had only one error:

Current          : 148.0
Current filtered : 132.6
Voltage          : 29.44
Duty             : 0.005
RPM              : 27178.5
Tacho            : 1053289
Cycles running   : 623544
TIM duty         : 265
TIM val samp     : 132
TIM current samp : 26714
TIM top          : 53164
Comm step        : 1
Temperature      : 53.86

I have tested the motor with multimeter, battery connection, VESC (visual contition) etc. and everything seems fine. In the first build I had exactly the same problem, but in Turnigy 4.10 VESC. After switching to directFET VESC problem still occur. Both VESC’s were send to manufacturer and they passed their tests.

Today I gave another try and the same problem appeared on around 85% of throttle … No DRV errors encountered.

Some ideas: Maybe someone have an idea what is wrong with this build. I suspect the battery problem but I cannot find any information about different lengths of a cables. In my configuration positive one has 38 cm (14.9 inch) AWG10 and negative one has 63 cm (25.6 inch) AWG8. I have spent a lot of time on forum to find similar posts, but most of them were connected with VESC hardware problem.

Another suspect: motor. I tried detection again and at the first time value of BEMF Coupling was around 900, but now measurement is around 760. Problem still occurs.


5065 Outruner 270KV (measured 240KV) 1665W in BLDC mode
DirectFET VESC 4.12
8s8p LiIon battery (LG MH1)
Gear ratio 15 / 56 HTD-5M

Pictures of board:



Pictures of VESC Tool:



Thank you for reading this post and I’m counting for your help! :smile:

I think your question should become the template for all future questions. Really nice info you provided :smiley:

The long battery leads could very well be the reason for the issue. Longer leads = higher inductance = more for the capacitors to deal with, which could lead to FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT.

I would try and shorten them and see if the problem persists. You could also try bringing your motor max current down a bit (closer inline with battery max current) but that would lower your acceleration.

Thank you. I wanted to make nice and clear post with all required info and observation :wink:

Yea, I would like to test it out, but the main problem is configuration of the batteries. Negative cord is at the end of enclosure, and positive is at beginning.

I realized right now, that my friend have some Li-Ion batteries to another project. I will borrow them, connect in 8S1P and check if that fixes a problem. I need to prepare myself to fall down. That’s awful thought.

Going to try this too, even if present acceleration is very crappy :frowning: For real, this engine make noises like it going to die (or like small electric cars for kids :joy: ). I know it’s cause of using BLDC :wink:

I lowered value for motor down to 40 Amps. I gave it a try and surprisingly no error during test around house. I slowly increased speed to around 20kmph (12.4mph) and then kick throttle to full value for few seconds. Tried dozen times - still no faults and acceleration is smooth. Going to check it at longer trip soon, but now my leg need to rest after falling off a deck :expressionless:

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Interesting result I had a dule set up at 35 motor 25 battery had the same issue had a motor issue and reset it up as single drive 55 battery 55 motor not had a fault since. I put it down to a faulty motor but now I’m wondering if it was both.

I think the motor is broken. My friend was driving and it cogged while was accelerating slowly to full throttle without throwing any faults … Need to buy sensored one because I don’t want to make an accident.