Abs over current fault

The vesc shuts off mid ride after around 5 minutes all the time and I got it to shut off when I was near home so I plugged it in bldc tool and i get this

. My settings are this this I have no Idea whats wrong help would be appreciated

Battery max is too high, the vesc only handles 50 continuous, but you should try out 40 first to be safe

Often times this is caused by loose connections from the VESC to the motor, check that in case lowering the current from battery does not work.

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It was at 40A before and it still cut off like how it does now, and all the connections are good and dandy, @scepterr did all the gucci soldering. The vesc runs good for about 500 feet and then just dies, and I have a 10s setup

I set your settings to 40A, tweak down not up :wink: 40A was already high. And I set your battery max to 25A I believe… Run detection a couple times and reapply. Let me know if there are drastically different results between detections

Tweaked down most of my settings, vesc stops after a quarter of a hill and get really hot

dropped bat max to 25 and bemf to 850

Maybe you have a short in the motor ??

Du you have a LC meter, so you could measure on the motor wires ?