Abs-over-current problem (Dual Escapes)


I have this annoying problem with my Trampa MTB, i`m getting “ABS-over-current” failure, and the Escapes just brakes down the motors, wich is pretty scary and dangerous.

Its always happen when im not going very fast, and NOT braking, so im not hitting any max values at all.

I use two Escapes in dual mode via can-bus… and 2 x Sk8 149kv motors (had the same problem, when i was running flipsky motors)

Both the escapes showing the “ABS over current” in the terminal…

My Vesc settings is pretty normal, and not very agressiv at all Motor max : 70A Battery Max : 60 A Motor Min : -40A Battery min : -12A

Where to start ?

I have used the wizzard for both setting up the vesc`s in dual mode, and for indput mode. It is working perfect, one thing i have noticed though, is my Slave vesc under “control mode” is set to OFF. Is this normal in a dual slave/master setup ? It does work and brake without problem. But i find it stange, that only my master vesc is set to “current no reverse with brake” ???

Screenshot_20181012-175308 Screenshot_20181012-175415 Screenshot_20181012-175314

Check your cap legs and connections.

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Yeah i am familiar with that problem. I think they look okay. And i have glued the caps to the pcb, to take the stress. But i will have a second look again, thanks…

Give em a wiggle I initially missed it as well.

So you had the same problem ? I just find it funny, it always happen when they are NOT under heavy load.

On how much do you set your ABS over current setting?

Huh… where do you find that setting ? Default i guess…

On the esc tool when you connect your vesc with the pc. Place your ABS over current on 130A and your problem will normally go away :slight_smile:

Are you talking about “absolut max” setting ? IMG_20181012_202345

This is my control settings for my slave vesc IMG_20181012_202504

Yes the 150A setting. But if it is so it looks good. If you Still have that check those capacitor are connected good. Do you have a long wire?

I had that issue once coming from the sensor wires… didn’t understood why but after I disconnected the sensors the faults where gone. But my vesc didn’t cut out like your. Just got the fault message from time to time.

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No, i think the wires is pretty normal for a MTB, i even use 8awg wires. Looks like my caps is the best bet. I’v just find it strange, that it seems to be both of them.

Do my control settings for the slave vesc, looks normal to you ?