So my new setup is running almost sweet. My problem is that I keep getting ABS_OVER_CURRENT Fault. This seems to be when I am going down hill for some time before I start riding. The brake cut out for a few seconds, no ideal down hill…

Can anyone tell me what could be causing this?

What connectors are using between motor and vesc?

4mm bullets.

Those springy spinny bullets are at fault I’m 99% sure, replace them with solid bullets. Had the same thing happening, 1 out of 6 of those bullets were bad and caused over current fault

Thanks for the heads up. Do you happen to know what the over current fault means? Why would poor conductivity cause over current? Where is the best place to buy decent connectors.

wait so you are getting the error when you are breaking downhill when the battery is full ?

The bullets lose connection, voltage drops and current spikes to try to keep up

I have heard it is quite a common fault, do you know if it can cause a meltdown, or am I safe until I get some new connectors.

Could be risky. I would still inspect the vesc pcb to make sure its fine, check the shunts, etc

Its a FOCBOX but will take it apart soon and have a look, what am I looking for? Bad solder?

Yeah, not under warranty with the focbox?

Before taking it apart, make sure to contact Enertion support… Or you could void your warranty, If you didn’t bought it from Enertion, make sure to contact the person who sold it to you, since he is the warranty holder. I don’t think your problem is related to the connector you use…

Have just contacted enertionboards to see what they have to say. @JohnnyMeduse can you shed any light on what this fault code actually means?

I had a similar issue to you. The problem for me was the jumper wires between the vesc and receiver had fatigued and the connection jumped in and out while riding. I had the board apply brakes and speed up randomly, sometimes would lose braking ability (can be pretty scary).

I got new connector and changed the way the vesc was layed out in my enclosure so the jumper wires weren’t rubbing as much.

I’ve had this issue with a vesc -x for a while. It’s fine in BLDC (apart from belt cogging and the whine :angry: ) but in foc I am having this issue generally at higher rpm’s but not always. Am running @Ackmaniac 's awesome firmware in watt mode. Dual sk3 260kv’s connected by canbus. Have changed out the receiver cable, checked all terminations - all seem ok.

Is there a kV limit for foc? I am using the max erpm limit setting at 60000

found it