ABS_OVER_CURRENT when braking


Got this weird issue that started today. After a few minutes of ride when trying to brake, most of the time it’s not working though the acceleration works but has the lack of power, like it does not deliver enough current. I switched between a working esk8 battery to the one with issue and it’s still happens so probably not the battery. Got home and the vesc terminal threw a lot of abs_over_current errors becuse it exceeded 130A.

My gear: TB vesc, BLDC mode Tacon 160 245kv 10s6p 26f 18650 lion pack 16/36 pulleys 97mm wheels.

The Faults i’m getting:

Thanks Ishay

Why are you using 245kv with 10s?

It was intended to a 6s build but got a good price on a battery… I tried it with a 6s and it has the same issue

Not sure why, but I have the feeling that @Jinra can help…

Check if any connections are loose and check for bad solder joints

Post faults, VESC settings, and the f/w version you’re using.

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+1 to that

I bet your motor min is too high for your motor’s max current rating…?

@darkkevind Motor’s max current rating is 75A so I’m good there. @Jinra i need to recreate the fault, will do once i’ll be home in the meanwhile here are the vesc’s settings -

what about f/w version?

@Jinra forgot to mention. It’s 3.28

Uploaded the faults. can someone help? thanks

This isn’t from breaking on full battery(if there’s a bms)? Breaking @ 41.46v and 41.65v could easily spike over 42v and trigger BMS overvoltage cut

Hmm, I thought of that after it happened so I skipped the bms for discharge and it didn’t help. Maybe the battery has an internal cutoff feature if overcharged? :thinking:

No the battery itself doesn’t have any protection

Then I’m clueless. Any other suggestions/ideas?

New revelations- after I switched to Ackmaniac’s fw and turned off Soft slow max the issue with the braking is gone, however I still loose power on stiff hills due to heat which means it goes above 80 degrees celcius. My question now - is it normal? I’m not having this issue on my first build which has a 6s Lipo battery with the same exact motor and gear.

how do you know it’s thermal shutoff, did you get a fault for that?

No faults at all…

so 80 degrees is when it starts throttling current and you’ll feel it becoming weaker. 100c is when it shuts off. If it shuts off without becoming weaker sounds like something else is wrong.

After I switched fw it just gets weaker and does not shuts off at all… is it normal for a vesc to go that high?