ABS over current with larger motor pulley

My board and initial set up: 10s LIPO, FOCBOX, SK8 6374 192kv, 15t:36t on 97mm wheels. (single motor)

Initially, I had VESC settings at: Max Motor: 70a Max Batt: 40a ABS Max: 130a.

Things were good - but I wanted to run a larger motor pulley to get some extra speed and less belt slippage.

Now, all settings remain the same, but I changed the gearing to 20t:36t. almost no belt slippage - its great. However, I am getting ABS_OVER_CURRENT errors when applying too much throttle. I am pretty big guy (250lbs), and the gearing feels much less torque focused… Just wondering, am I expecting too much from my single drive board? Am I pushing my FOCBOX too hard, or should it be able to handle this kind of abuse? Before I start digging in to find a problem, I just want to know if there is a problem to find…


well you did increase the motor pulley from 15 to 20, as a result you get more top speed but less torque, for a single drive and a heavy guy that is not an ideal idea, i am way lighter than you and if go up a steep hill from almost a standstill i will get ABS Overcurrent too. I would recommend a dual drive or if you don’t want to spend that much go for a better ratio and a 15mm belt maybe 20mm.