ABS Thermoforming, ? Custom? H

Thanks to all that have helped me, get my skate caddy running. I own Thermoforming business, mostly make Gold Prospecting Equipment, out of heavy, 1/8 ABS. Get great details, with my machine, do small orders and prototypes on it. Have access to the big boy, if I ever sell enough to justify using it. My parts shown show the sharp edges, great definition and strength. I will be looking into some mold designs. If you have a special piece in mind, get in touch. Good chance, I can help you out, if you are willing to help design your covers.! Can make about anything, if you can dream it. FB_IMG_1519171769397|690x388FB_IMG_1519171789970

If you want to Gold Prospect, or see my other work, Checkout, www.spike-strike.com


My machine in my shop! Missed it on the first post!


This was before I added pneumatic cylinders to my machine, took a lot of work out of building them. Parts are more consistent too!

Does this do kydex as well?

Have not tried, but I think it will with proper heat settings, I have 4 zones with about 16000watts of heat, and 100 gallon vacuum tank and 2 stage pump, pulls to 28 inches of vacuum.


My roots in boarding run deep. This was my old Skatepark in Duncan SC. My sons and I built it all. I first nailed a skate cut in half on a 2x4 in about 1968 or so, LOL,


Nice!! So you normally form plastic to make sluice boxes?

Yes sir, lots of different ones, look on my web site, My retirement business! Www.spikestrikesluices.com

Can do 10 inch wide and up to 34 inches long in one single piece. For those l o n g ideas! You make a mold, I will make you a custom piece. Pm to talk details!!

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Nice!! I just checked it out. Seems like it’s a passion of yours.

With equipment like yours, you could have a nice little business making and selling enclosures. Or maybe you could be the first to make an all plastic deck with built in enclosure… like a penny board deck.


Holly S…t!!! … dam right bro :point_up_2:

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