Absolute max focbox.. can’t find the answer

Cant find good answer. Sorry. The absolute max by defualt is 130A What is this value?.? And if im using 2 motors 2 focboxs, i should use 130A on each vesc? Or 65/65 each?.. or what?.. Using 10s 4p battery 30Q type. Motor 125kv Thanks…

Well you will never achieve that since your battery can only discharge 80 amps and split into 2 that’s 40 amps per vesc and motor max should be around 60-80 could play with those values


So i dont need to change it? It can be 130A on each vesc?

Do at your own risk, wouldnt recommend that , anyways bigger question where you get a 125kv motor from

So what is the risk?.. what value is recommended?.. Got from someone who ordered them dont know where :slight_smile: some china…

10 character

Ok. Thanks

theres the battery and the motor and I think a max setting beyond that I think. you could put the motor amp setting up to the 120 I think without a problem as it doesn’t decide the amps from the battery and you just need set your battery amps relatated to the cell limits. …and make sure the max isn’t holding you back from the other settings

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Abs max is for the fet side. Nothing to do with the battery amps. It’s to prevent damage to the fets if the motor current spikes.


DO NOT change that setting.


isn’t it an over-ride limit for the battery and motor amp limits,…or sounds like youre saying it’s just on the motor side and just a limit for motor amps? be pretty weird having a higher battery than motor amp limiti to begin with.

It’s in case there is a short, or you hit the gas but the motor is in magnetic lock from no sensors or high enough bemf and the current spikes, and the motor squeels.

For the battery it is just DRV_OVER_CURRENT both in and out, and the control is shut down for a moment and resumes. Motor side is abs_over_current at least from what I’ve seen, abs_over_currents are full shutdown of the DRV causing the MCU to reboot.

I could be wrong. But those are the scenarios I’ve seen these faults…


VESC tool help: image

Do not change it. The spikes happen all the time and are largely independent of the battery current (can happen between capacitor and motors). With 65 A you’d get constant cutouts of acceleration and braking, which might throw you off your board. It is not about your battery or motor current, it is about what the VESC can handle for a few microseconds before it notices and shuts down. 130 is high enough to not happen during normal operation and low enough to not damage your VESC.


Thanks guys, got it.

If you are going above that limit then you do have a problem

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Some guys set ABS lower thinking it was safer, but it causes the vesc to reboot. :confounded: Which will most likley make you crash. :face_with_head_bandage:

130a seems good on the old 4.1 vescs, so I feel like you could go a little higher on a focbox. But really it will make no difference unless you are getting unusual reboots.

Set the battery amps at a safe level for your battery (40aX2), and motor can be much higher 60-120 ish as the motor amps can be higher when accelerating from a stand still.

Oh and yes, what is the 125kv motor you speak of?

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Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored motor.

If im conncted to my bms(50A-BMS) you think battery max 20A and motor max 45A will be fine? Or i will be powerless with this settings?..

Good starting point. Depends on gearing, weight, skating experience, board length and setup etc.

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Turnigy has one sensored. It´s the D5035 with 45 Max Amp 8-12s

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The answer is don’t change abs max, unless you really really know what your doing.

And for anyone wants to know how far you can push a focbox for aboslute kill yourself power this is the settings.

"On my 13s5p with dual 6374

I run on each Focbox 50 Batt Max -15 Batt Min

125 Motor Max -65 Motor Min

190 ABS max.

Lol stupid power…"