Absolutely not strong enough - what went wrong?

I made this one…

Battery: Samsung 18650 6s6p Motor: Racestar 5065 140kv Focbox

It can barely move it self. And a person on it… forget it.

Have I overlooked anything? Shouldn’t it be working? Can I tweek anything in bldc tool to make it work? What might need to be upgraded?

This is full throttle


Post your vesc settings.

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kv to low for the voltage that it’s given that thing won’t go past 5mph that as well motor to small and it’s single drive on pnumatics


Single 5065? That’s way too small isn’t it?

EDIT: I think @Exiledd_Top found the problem.

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I took one motor off my evolve bamboo and it was fine. Took me up pretty steep hills no problem.


that’s a esc vs a vesc, dout it will work out u will burn that evolve motor out

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I rode my Carbon GT on one motor while the ESC was half-broken and it also was fine. The performance was extremely underwhelming and you had to run in GT mode, but it worked fine and went up hills. That’s 10S with a single 150kv 5065

? I mean that I tested to see if a single motor could run pnumatics by taking the belt of one of the motors on my evolve. Worked fine.

I am thinking the kv here could be the problem ?

We need to see the screen to see if your PPM input is going all the way to 100% as well

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So maybe its the 6s thats the problem?

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Yup either he needs a higher KV motor or a higher voltage battery.

Also what kind of gearing is he running? It doesn’t look like the motor is even spinning that fast tho for 100% throttle.

140KV and 6S sounds a bit odd, for 6S i would go with something like 270KV

Also 5065 wont give you enough torq to go much faster.

If I were you I would set the erpm limit to 60k and -60k. 100k is fine on better hardware(vesc6).

I will make a video a little later.

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Will try that.

Change your motor (to 63xx) and your gearing.

Your battery cutoff is above 6s at full charge :thinking:


That just means new motor mount as well. Hope I can do something without changing all that. If at all possible

aahhh… will look in to that