AccuGroup: One stop e-board mechanical shop for UK

Found an awesome site that sells mechanical parts. They seem to have pretty much everything we use, belts, pulleys, screws, everything. Just explore, it’s an awesome site

belt im getting:

I was wondering if with some of those couplers u could do a dual drive out of 1 motor

Check it

yes ive seen that video and thats exactly why ever since i watched it its been bugging me how the f**** are they doing it

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one way bearings --> no brake anymore. This only works because of the belt drive on the front wheel which can then brake the board.

Lol me too. I would think that the motor just has a very long shaft through it but at the end of the vid he spins each wheel individually. Hurts my head XD!

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I have severe OCD and i wouldn’t be able to ride it knowing underneath i have a motor on the rear driving 2 wheels and 1 in front only on one wheel to use it as a brake, who needs brakes

literally everyone, in some shape or form…

Yes technically you can go without, but its going to be a major hazard to you, and anyone that is around you :/

He was joking :neutral_face:

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… well this is awkward :no_mouth:

Hahahahahahahahaha its funny not awkward, i use my head as brakes of course with a helmet on safety always first :laughing:

how about a pair of brakeboard trucks in the back, and this setup in the front?

Ugh aren’t they mad heavy? They need a special dry a wheels and deck I thought?

Great supplier! I’m amazed by all the stuff they have… :heart_eyes:

Please don’t hijack this thread

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You solved my OCD

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe @LEVer’s Evo board has dual hub motors in the front, so the braking would be even.

Stop hijacking the thread. If you wanna discuss dual drive make another thread.

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yeah you are right. belt in the back and dual hub in the front it seems.

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You are totally right. My apologies for being part of the hijack.

Nice collection of belts AccuGroup has! I’m thinking of buying a whole set of different sizes to fit any potential new build I might make in the future :slight_smile: