Ackmaniacs FW; Let's talk throttle curves!

Recently finished my second build with Ackmaniacs FW. This little guy is SQUIRRELY. Wanting to adjust my throttle curve to make it a bit more relaxed on the low end and more aggressive on the high end. Got me to thinking; there must be a buttload of you guys using acks FW, and at least some of you must have messed with the curves and really got the feel you were looking for. I created this post to have people upload pics of their curves and explain why they went with what they went with. SHOW US YOUR CURVES!!


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Sweet! Ok Mike, tell me what I’m looking at here. What does this curve feel like?

I’ve actually never messed with these tabs on my own builds since I never had a problem with the acceleration. But after trying out two different CarvOn EVO SDR builds, I plan try it out when I rebuild the current two boards I ride. The difference is very apparent. @caustin what did you do to it?

What does one do here? just mess with the numbers or is this a click and drag situation?

Do Mike’s but change edge sharpness to 0…that way it’s a smooth curve…

Think of the curve as how much actual throttle the speed loop is receiving. It’s basically exponential for the throttle. The horizontal represent your physical throttle. The vertical represent the speed loop throttle

Since Mike’s picture has sharpness and isnt smooth I’ll use the middle edge upper right quadrant as an example.

Finger 50% throttle Speedloop 27% throttle

I use:(I think)

standard on X Y 14.5, 35, 60 Edgeshapness 0

Edit: Also make sure your lines are always shaped like Mike’s. Lower left quadrant arching up, upper right quadrant arching down. If you do the opposite, your brakes get stronger (to the point of lock up). And the throttle gets strong and looses umph up top and is very hard to manipulate speed.


It took me awhile to figure out but its pretty simple once you understand it.

Look at the right side of the pic, just the acceleration curve (brakes will come later). At the bottom you can see the values, power is how much juice the VESC’s are pushing and throttle is how far you have pulled the trigger.


In my example you are getting 12.5% of the available power at 25% trigger pull, 25% of the available power at 50% of the trigger pull, and so on and so on.

You feel the power more at low speeds than you do at high speeds so it makes sense to have the control more spread out at low speeds than at high speeds.

The brake curve is exactly the same. At 25% of the throttle push you are getting 12.5% of the available braking, at 50% of the trigger push you are getting 25% of the available braking.


I find that at high speeds it takes more braking to actually stop so I want light brakes at the top and hard brakes at the bottom, that way I can choose how much braking is applied progressively.


Someone convince me to mess with my throttle curves a bit… What I’ve read so far still isn’t too convincing. Maybe I should just give it a try next ride and see, maybe it’s my gearing tending to be high usually… But I feel like I get punch all the way through for acceleration and braking with a standard linear progression.

On my leiftech with winning v2 remote I set the same curve as Mmaner otherwise I don’t have enough control at low speeds because the acceleration is pretty brutal, on my Lacroix with GT2B I don’t feel the need to change it at all, it all really depends on your setup / remote. If you feel good don’t mess with it.

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Messing with your acceleration throttle curve isn’t too dangerous. Be careful with the brake part (the left side)

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Hmm interesting there doesnt seem to be as much customizability in ack’s vesc tool. I can only find preconfigured throttle curves, that being said I’m running a +40% - 40% throttle/break Expo natural curves which gives really easy low end while still being able to zoom.

You may not be looking at it right because there is a vast amount if customization available in @Ackmaniac 's firmware that isn’t in any other variant.

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I made the same experience and it is the Best example. In my case i tried it with a r2 and the nanox as Well as a gt2b mod. Because of the wide and sensitive Index finger control of the gt2b i dont need to change the throttle curve. At Low speed i can Start very well. But if i use the nanox i get knocked off. I am not so used to the thumb Control and the Board launches like a missle. Therefor i change the throttle curve that i dont get Full Power at Low speed. Then i can press Full throttle but the Board will just Power it with for eg 50% which results in a smooth Start up.

I recommend to try a throttle curve that is proven to be good and that makes sense. (we dont need 200% Power at 10% throttle at Low speed). Then you should fine tune it to your Needs. Everyone rides differently and has a different setup!

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Would you care to screen shot your throttle curve? I think that would add a lot of value to those in the same boat… (like me)… :sweat_smile:


I am using a gt2b mod and therefore i have no throttle curve to share. I just made the same curve as manner just smoothed out instead of the sharp edges

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@mmaner there doesn’t seem to be the same customization here unless I’m blind just preset curves and percentage amounts.

This is with a thumb wheel remote and a 10% deadzone


I can recommend this settings



That is actually the best explanation of throttle curves I’ve read so far. I’m using the suck it and see method at the moment which is painfully slow. Got my board feeling good now but just about to stick 12s in it and so it begins again lol

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So this is a linear brake and an acceleration that starts smooth and becomes more aggressive the faster you go? Trying to understand the graphic. Pretend I’m really slow… :drooling_face:

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I guess my confusion is that I thought you meant against other firmwares. It seems there is less configurability between Acks 2.54 and 3.1 tools, but the same effect is achieved in actual use of the throttle curve.

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