Acquiring enclosure in UK/EU

@Surfer When you say the same battery do you mean the one that’s coming in from the EU group buy? Cuz that’s the one I’m getting. I also need additional room for the vesc. I would be happy to arrange something with you if you can ship it to the UK with a reasonable price. Thank you for letting me know

That’s the plan for the enclosure, the finish it will not be awesome or super shiny because i don’t have vacuum pump, it will be laminated on top of this chunk of MDF with 3 layers of fiberglass and epoxi. Actually this “mold” is for 3cm instead 4cm because i have the plan to remove the bms and used it only for charge. Anyway it will be easy to put 1 cm extra for your enclosure. i’m in the Netherlands not sure of the shipping cost. i suppose around 15-17 euros.

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@Surfer Ok that looks really good. I would like to work with you. What’s the current dimensions of the enclosure (length, width, height)? If you don’t mind I would like mine to have an extra 1cm in height (making it 4cm). Also, how much should I pay you for making the enclosure? Thank you so much, you literally just saved me a lot of work.

The measures are 48x15x3cm or 4 for you. If you pay the shipping and materials is fine, I’m not here to make money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Surfer Ok those dimensions look perfect. Please make one for me that’s 48x15x4cm and let me know the cost and shipping and I’ll send it to you over paypal. Thanks a lot

This is what i’m going to order:

And two of this, one for you

@Surfer Ok, I can’t read dutch but from what I can tell it’s going to cost about 27 Euros in material plus whatever shipping is, am I correct? Also, apologies if I’m a bit demanding but could you make mine just a bit shorter? 45x15x4cm to be exact. I have a pintail deck so I’m afraid it could run into the motor and I think 15cm for the vesc and other electronics should be enough. Please correct me if I’m wrong and if it’s too much trouble to make it shorter then just keep the original length, thanks.

Yours is 10s3p? oh i was thinking 4p anyway is ok i will cut the mold when i finished mine, well probably after i finish also the enclosure of @Tizian :joy: Tizian let me know your desired measures.

Yes, mine is 10s3p. Sounds good, thanks :slight_smile:

@surfer is now the guy for enclosure hehe

Would you try carbon fiber?

i dont want to remove the BMS, so i need 4cm height. Will 48x15x4 have enough space for the battery and VESC?

hahaha well i would love it!! actually i was thinking to be the battery man since unfortunately i’m not working now and is so difficult to supply from china. One point is that i’m in the netherlands really close to Nkon. About the enclosures i have plenty experience with all kind of fibers, i was working 2 years in the north of spain making surfboards and also motorcycle parts in the spare time, but now I’m moved to Netherlands and no much tools here :cry:

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Nah I think you should be the mastercho of europe :wink:

Not having tools would be a problem though

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I going to make 50x15x4 it will be easier to fit two vesc they’re 40x60 plus Rx, switch cables… The materials I expect them on Tuesday, Wednesday it will be finnished mine I will post here some pictures and if you like guys I start with yours.


sounds awesome, I’m excited :slight_smile:

If you have a CNC machine you could always cut the MDF, that something i have thought about doing to make enclosures but i just dont have a vacuum forming for carbon fiber.

But I have access to CNC in China

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Sounds good :slight_smile: can’t wait to see how it turns out. Just a reminder, I would like my enclosure to be 45x15x4cm. Thanks a lot

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Hi there, almost finished the first piece. i did pictures for all the process, maybe someone wants to make one.

Just a reminder, if someone want to try to use the vacuum cleaner as a vacuum pump, this is not goood idea, i just blow up my vacuum cleaner.:joy:


Nice :+1: that looks really good

Jeah man, looks cool :+1: I would definitely like to get one … R.I.P. vacuum cleaner …