Acrylic Deck Material

Hey there has only been one thread on this topic from 6 years ago, and there wasn’t any follow up on the result. Ghost board makes acrylic decks here in Utah. I wanted to know if you guys think it would withstand the heat coming from esk8 components and would it last? I am hoping to make and form my own


Spoiler alert: use 4 bolts per truck, not 2. :upside_down_face:

I am planning on trying Polycarb because it would be indestructible, it would be too flexible itself so I will do some fiberglass down the sides. I would be vacuum forming a deck side and enclosure site then fiberglassing down either side and the ends to stiffen the whole thing once put together.

This allows a completely clear center, so the battery would be wrapped in clear shrink wrap and each cell would use clear shrink also, clear silicone sheathed wire. Anything that could be clear would be, basically just see metal.


3/4" polycarb is what you need. No flex while flexing

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yeah lol but how are you doing an enclosure then?

Gotta be more efficient with material for a real product, which is what you would be making if you invested in a vacuum forming setup and molds.

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Vacuum forming 3/4 polycarbonate? I’m no expert but I have doubts about the vacuum part.

Polycarbonate hits its forming temperature at 250 degrees F, but if all you want is a kick in the nose and tail its better to stay a bit below that 250 mark where the PC gets really soft.

Do lots of research before attempting to form PC. It absorbs moisture and may need to be heated at 120F or so for several hours to dry before forming. Forget about heat guns and external heating elements, thats for the thinner stuff.

Good luck.

I was planning on forming something like 1/4" material no more on top and 1/8 on the bottom, @Crisfell was talking about using a solid piece of 3/4 polycarb. I think you got confused.


I’m always confused. Keeps things interesting.

So why bother with thermoforming when companies like Bud Industries, Hammond Industries and my personal favourite, Serpac make all kinds of enclosures including clear PC project boxes?

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Well the idea was to make the deck and enclosure from the same clear material, look like a tradidional esk8 but see through so all the normally hidden electronics are visible.

You are just talking about a clear top mount box on top of a clear deck? cool also but not the same.

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Ok so we start with a solid block of PC and just CNC the crap out of it until all thats left is a deck and a place to mount the sparky bits.

Cool. :upside_down_face:

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