Acton Blink Board Modification

Aluminum bar sounds more my speed, though velcro sounds like a good prototyping measure. Snap in and swap was what I was thinking. I expect that once I get something working, I’d build a nice enclosure for it.

As for the Blink, mine takes me a little past 15MPH. Quite good for my needs.

I have the Acton hub motor blink board as well, and I am really happy with it… except for the range, If I were to connect another battery pack in parallel would the original charger charge both packs?

I took Saul’s and Mikenopilis advice, and started looking into a ground up type build. I also determined that putting more money into a board that I couldn’t tweak all the way to my liking (based on hardware limitations) wasn’t worth it.

the solution is simple… gonin the acton blink board user manual and look to see whether the board can be charged and ridden at the same time… ive seen boards that cant even be turned on and charged at the same time let alone ridden… if its not specified in the manual then just see if its mentioned in a third party video or review… what i would use is one of those portable outlet boxes on kickstarter for charging laptops… ifylucant charge while riding you could take charging breaks while you arent riding…whenit dies mid trip… these portable outlets are a VERY new product and willlikely transform the way people ridethe subway etc…theye on kickstarter and indiegogo for around 100 bucks and can charge a laptop to 100 percent two times… and charge a phone like 20 times

overal GENIUS idea

I would advise to check what wiring - connections this board has…

Right now without pictures it is hard for me to guess how the wiring looks. The best way would probably be to cut into the battery wires which go to esc and then make a switch or connectors there (or just make a parallel wire harness with xt60 connector).

If you want to ‘‘upgrade’’ the existing battery, it would be good if the specs of your new battery would be similar, so that there is not a big difference in capacity or discharge load.

So for other folks wanting a smaller build like me? Where should I begin? I want to do hub motors on my penny (nickel) board using as much of the original components as possible. Someone referred me to the blink board but now I see it makes more sense to do my own

How has it worked out for you? I ordered a power bank and I am just asking people if it works. Not sure if it will screw up the battery or the charging port but I will take my chances.

i have the same board…

what i have been trying to do is find a hub motor that has the same “specs” as the blink board motor… to swap out and plug the 3 motor wires into… this is because i am also swapping out the “deck” for an 6 foot long deck that i am selling… but my customers dont like the idea of the front trucks being very wide and low… and the back trucks being the standard acton blink board trucks… i need a way to use the acton blink motor on VERY wide and low trucks that fit my board… or to swap in a hub motor that fits on ANY truck…

i have been told that hub motors also require special truck brackets? are there hub motors that can just slide onto any truck…

furthermore… will this hub motor fit the specs of the acton blink board battery compartment… the reason i want to use the acton blink battery is solely because… i have imax chargers and prefer the simple AC plug in system that off the shelf boards have…

i had a Blink S , the battery almost dead:joy:. can i change the battery by myself?

Dead? As is not taking a charge any more? How long have you had the board. Use it often. I would think they have enough recharge cycles to last longer.

You will have to open it up and see what’s inside. They advertised it as Samsung Li-ion but that’s all I know. Shouldn’t be hard to put a new pack together if you know how. Or someone like @barajabali or @willpark16 will assist with battery pack builds

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Does the blink have bms attached to battery?


i use it about eight months:blush:

i think i will buy a new pack battery:wink:.

Was is a good/fun 8 months? Personally, I had a horrible experience with Acton so I’ll never buy anything from them again.

Their battery shouldn’t be too large, this not too much to replace if you want to keep that board.

Hard to tell by this picture, but their old blink board did. I don’t see why it won’t now

Can U share with us ? thanks buddy:scream:

10s1p? That’s pretty small I’d say u need 26650s

Trying to keep is short.

I had the original Blink belt board for a while, they offered a $160 ($100 and roughly $60 shipping to and from) upgrade to a hub motor a few months later and I jumped on it. That drive looked like it was repaired because of the hot glue mess on the hubs. They denied it. The drive died after a mile of slow ride. They refused to replace the drive. After two months of trying to get a response from their online support page they finally started to respond. Eventual resolution was they sent me a Blink Lite as a replacement. I told them I was 210lbs and that it was a useless boards but they did not care that they were sending me something I cannot use. I got it, rode it up and down the block and wanted to set it on fires. Eventually I sold it to someone here for $100. Didn’t want it to go to waste.

I have a Blink S board that will only charge to 70% and will only travel for about 3 miles. Can I buy or build a new battery pack?

Here’s what’s inside the Acton Blink S:

Battey Pack: