Acton Blink Lite onto Sector 9 Shoots Transplant [with pictures]

Hi everyone, just wanted to share the current project i’m working on.

A little background: I got the Acton Blink Lite not too long ago. Overall the board is pretty good but I wanted it slightly bigger. I purchased a sector 9 Shoots with the intention to swap the hub motors onto its trucks.

What I realized next is SUPER fascinating! I compared the two truck design from the Acton and the Gullwings and the trucks have VERY similar geometry.

So i went ahead and tried to bolt this Frankenstein on and to my surprise, it lined up near perfectly. I was able to reuse the bushings from the Gullwings and yeah, everything SEEMS ok.

two questions I have:

  • do you think its worth the hassle to pull the motor and put it on to the Gullwings or leave it as is?
  • it seems like the acton truck is slightly shorter than the Gullwings. would that be much of a concern? (front and rears mismatch)

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First off I would suggest you toss that Acton lightweight into hell. I hate that company so much… they sent me the Lite, me, the 210lb man the tiny under powered toy as a replacement for their screw up on my regular Blink Hub that was actually okay to ride.

Anyway, Have you tried riding it? It seems that the rear truck would be too narrow for a stable turn on gullwings?

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yeah, the narrow rears is what I am afraid of. Cuz i’m not sure how much it will affect the stability of the board. I measured it out, and wheel to wheel, it’s about 1" narrower (acton vs the gullwings)

In terms of riding it, I actually fell of the Acton board recently so waiting for my ankles to heal up to get on this.

My eventual hope is to actually transplant the Backfire Galaxy 2 drivetrain onto this sector 9. the goal is to have a smaller and lighter board.

I did this with my old acton lite after building a DIY board. I put on a standard 8" hanger on the front and kept the 6" in the rear lol. It steers from the rear for sure!

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So just started riding it for a bit, but the motors are weak (nothing new here though we all know that)

Once you get going a bit the speed is ok for a slow cruiser but yesterday I was riding just around on sidewalks, slowed down before a bump and when i moved the throttle, it had a rough time building up speed…

Originally I planned on getting the Backfire V2 galaxy and hacking it up. But a change of plans now.

I got two FOCBOX and a nano-X from enertion, might try to replace the esc and remote on this guy first to learn about VESC programming. and then…

move to a build with CARVON V4s Super excited!

Once you start building you’ll never look at Acton again. That Lite board is so lame. Like you said, not too bad once you get up to “speed” but that take forever!

I hope you are not planning on using that tiny battery with the Carvon… you need at least a 10s3p

I’m oooking at various options at the moment for power.

I didn’t plan on getting the enertion one cuz I rather not have a huge battery case and bms run lengthwise under the board. And also I want to keep the weight manageable.

I’ve seen some 12s2p Samsungs with BMS for ebikes. But also I do have a pile of zippy flight LIPO batteries (4x 3s1p 8000mah) sitting on the shelf.

Still researching on power requirement though.