Acton Blink V2 with Hub Motor randomly cutting out

So me and a friend have recently got really into e-skate. We’d ride for 30-50 miles straight if we could. I have the board I built with a 20-25 mile range and he has a preorder for a raptor 2. In the mean time however he picked up an Acton blink V2 with Hub motor a month or two ago and now that it’s warmer outside the thing just keeps dieing. He will be riding and the motor will cut out completely until it sits and cools, or it will just shut off after sitting at a stop. I thought it might be the speed controller but it’s cold to the touch. It’s clearly temperature based since it didn’t happen near as much in the colder months. Now that it’s warm it cuts out so often that it’s really a pain in the ass. Anyone have any tips because it’s getting pretty frustrating. Heres hoping the raptors are on the way soon. Any help at all would be great thanks.

My best tip is to throw Acton’s products to trash. At least it is what I did, and I am building my first build using its parts.

Keep the deck, it’s a nice choice if your friend desire in a small compact e-skateboard. I still use its motor, but I’ve got the belt-motor version of this board which is just OK for now. I’ll definitely upgrade it later.

Hub motors tends to get hot because of how they are built, maybe this is the problem with your friend’s motor, or it’s a defective unit, but I don’t know for sure.

Will he take the risk to make a few holes in the hub case?

See I was thinking about doing that my worry is I have no diagram of where I could drill without killing it.

Stupid question. Did you check the batteries in the remote? My Blink Lite started doing the same thing. Fixed with new batteries.

Just tried new batteries did a few laps and the board died in about 12-15 minutes due to what I can only assume is the motor overheating since the speed controller location is mostly cool