Acton order problems

I ordered a Blink s2 because the websitw said available in stock now doing research i find out its not available so i try to cancel the order and they have been giving me a hard time now they want to charge 3% processing fee to cancel the order. How can they charge a processing fee when they dont have a product to sell in the first place. Should i do a charge back with my card?

I had bad experiences with Acton’s customer support, so I would say talk to your card company and cancel it ASAP.


I ordered the blink S cause the website says delivery within 3 to 5 business day. Paid June 3. Replied a day after saying “will process the order when payment is received”. Checked my credit card, they already took it the day I paid. 7 days after, received a reply and tracking number. Informing me will be delivered within 7 to 10 business day. WTF!!! Until now it’s still in a warehouse.

Don’t mean to hijack this thread, just wanna update my situation. So i got my blink S yesterday (15 business day after), and its not the same one they advertised.
The board looks exactly the blink S2. No longer that tri-color ones with the sprayed on grip. If I knew they no longer offer the tr-color one, I should have not placed an order. Im so @#$% pissed, I paid $30 duty, did not arrived within 3-5 days, different board from advertised. And if you wanna return it, you have to pay the shipping cost and 15% re-stocking fee.
what a BS!!

Compare to BB, it did arrive 3-5 days as advertised, and i did not pay any duty. I from Canada, btw. Just sharing. Thanks.

I noticed that change a month or so ago on one of their instagram page (no response from them) I guess grip taping cost less than spray on and curing

trying to lower the manufacturing cost. They’re saying its an upgrade. BS. i like the look of the wood, black and gray. looks pretty unique. now it looks like any other esk8. They should remove that tr-colored from their website. and not mislead/scam the buyers. sorry, i’m just a sour grape :no_mouth:.


Yes, everything you import from the states you have to pay duty and taxes on. How do you not know this? You should be pissed off at the Canadian government or your parents for not teaching you things that are common knowledge, not some american company.

Acton website clearly states “Ships in 3 – 5 business days.”. You misunderstood this as “Will be delivered in 3-5 business days.” You would have understood the difference between the two if you had better reading comprehension. They shipped the board on the 5th day.

And that’s actually 2 days early because when you bought the board Acton website said “Ship in 7 - 10 business days”.

Yeah, that would suck, but the new design is an upgrade.

This is standard and should not surprise you.

We Canadian already knew that. That’s why our health care is awesome!! All i’m saying is why return something that is upgraded that you never asked for and already paid the duty and deduct 15% from the refund, plus your own shipping cost. you lose either way. I’m just sucking it up.

How come when i get my Boosted Board I did not get a bill for duty. Oh, right, Boosted Board paid for it. I guess not all American (esk8) companies are the same.

Thank you, sir, for the lecture. You’re a good man.