Acton Qu4rto Pre-Order

Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here.

I’m selling my pre-order because I don’t have the patience to wait and I’m WAY past the 180-day chargeback point. If you’re interested, message me. Give that the board is SO late, I’m only asking for $1000. It’s supposed to be shipped soon (month or maybe more).

Not to burst your bubble, but I’ve seen zero interest in this board on the forum, and second hand buys (even if not used) usually go for well below what they are worth. I know people don’t like to take a hit, but somewhere around 700-800$ would be a more reasonable price for this item especially given that it was supposed to ship months ago.

I disagree. 1k is what he paíd for. That board will cost 1.700 usd on release. So 1k is still a good price. Actually some people sold their preorders making profit.


im interested

Well see. I’m in the middle of a charge back, but if it doesn’t resolve and they do ship it it goes to the highest bidder here before it goes to eBay for $1.6k

I know the feeling im in the middle of a charge back with Acton too

Id they were more transparent, honest, and forthright about the development and delivery process it would be more forgivable.