Acton Quatro Urethane Shell Replacements (?)

Anybody knows if there is any kind of shell replacement for the Acton Quatro hub motors? If so, what sizes there are? Any larger custom modifications (sizes) that may work?



That guy has some fancy shoes. Someone needs to bump the esk8 models thread.

Shells… Is that a novel and unique way to refer to wheels?

Good question… Haven’t heard or seen anything of the like… If so, I’d be surprised and interested to know more.


‘Urethane shells’, thats how they call them…


Huh! Color me intrigued, and now I know! At least the terminology makes sense.

It’d be sweet of they made some 110mm shells… I’m afraid vendors are not into being liable for people going way too fast though.

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Yeah, weird, no? Why they don’t produce these in larger sizes (100mm or 110mm) ?

Okay, to answer your question… Lol, assuming you aren’t just saying that instead of asking for real…

You draw a lot of amps and some ESCs aren’t made for it. If I remember correctly, the Acton Quatro ESCs work great for the hardware applied in the quatro, but maybe not so much if you were to ‘increaze the gear ratio’ as it were with larger diameter wheels.

Larger wheels would be like taking a board designed to reliably propel a 185lb man, and pop a 300lb man on instead.

I understand in that context why they wouldn’t do this.

At the same time… We want options and we want to go FASTER!!!

I don’t own an Acton board, full disclosure.

take the shell off and see whats inside. how is the shell, no fuck that, the wheel held in place?

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I’ll tell you some time this week when I have the chance to test the board.

They should sell replacements at their site. Since qu4tro is so new maybe not available yet but sure they Will. I am not sure about cheaper compatible knockoffs out there…

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