Acton S2 Rebuild? 4WD - Esk8 News ;)

Just recently picked up this ‘broken’ Acton S2 for 100 bucks!

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Back on topic.

I’ve always wanted a small, inexpensive shopping mall board for cruising around town. This came up on the Sydney Esk8 facebook group and I couldn’t resist!

It also came with an extra set of dual hubs with brand new PU sleeves directly from Acton, obviously down the road I’d like to rebuild this into a 4WD cruiser.





Fuck, the wires are so damn tiny! I’m guessing max 2A per phase wire :rofl: LRM_EXPORT_84821442388262_20190529_155024943

Dusty as shit! LRM_EXPORT_84848095844034_20190529_155051596


The issue is that the board doesn’t latch onto the on position when the button is pushed, the leds light up only whilst the button is held down, Others on reddit have had the same problem. I’ve held down the tiny surface mount button on the esc which doesn’t solve the issue.

The battery seems fine and reads at 38.7v (10s battery). I’ll soon tear down the whole thing and try and identify what’s wrong.

Most likely I’ll end up buying a replacement esc to get it running. Since the dual esc is so generic there is an identical unit on DIYeboard (I know that they’re a total scam scrap of mouldy ham sham)

V1.1 Dual Hub Motors Sine Wave FOC ESC Speed Controller

Does anybody know where I can get this esc from a more reputable seller? Or if there are any similar budget esc’s to get this running? I’ve looked at Meepo’s website and they seem to have a similar offering.

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Can we get more pics of the switch? Make sure it clearly shows the pins on the back.

This could literally just be a case of a faulty switch with a broken latch barb

For sure, I’ll post more when I get home. It could just be a faulty switch but I doubt it.

Of it truly is toast, just buy some cheap vescs and call it good. It will be much better

I’ve got two maytech vescs which have run perfectly, but even a pair of cheap vescs seems overkill for this? The hubs are most likely max 20A each, probably not even that.

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Its not about overkill, its how smooth a vesc is. It is infinitely configurable and even has decent resale value.

Of course, my thinking though is that a dual hub esc does not necessarily have to be of shit quality. The myriad of chinese hub boards typically use the hobbywing foc esc which is proven to have good reliability and performance (this is just my opinion, anecdotally speaking. There are obviously many here who would completely disagree).

I just grabbed one of these for $100 as well.

When you plug in the charger the light instantly goes green—but when unplugged the power drops out within seconds. If I am plugged into “shore power” (the charger is hooked up) the hub motors will run like a top.

I tried my Meepo Charger and got the same result. Where do I go next? (Yes—I know—throw it out!)—but I know some who like this board and if I can troubleshoot and repair on the cheap I could have a nice second board for the kids. And I could learn a little too.

I have got a Meepo V3 that I love to ride and I want to dig a little deeper (and my kids want to ride too) into the hobby.